Training Socks

Tracksmith speed crew socks


Training Socks

A price and style comparison

Socks are far too often an afterthought when it comes to your wardrobe, but they're one of those items where quality really matters. Put another way: Cheap socks really suck. They don't stay up on your legs, they bunch in your shoes and quickly develop holes. You don't want that. Especially for athletic socks—the fabrication is the difference between a dry, supported foot and a sweaty, cramped mistake.

So what, exactly, makes for a good training sock? Ideally, it's sewn from quality fabric—a cushy, cotton blend that combines traditional softness with a slew of modern touches. That's where the designs differ and your personal needs come into play. Do you want more sweat-wicking and odor-controlling technology? Perhaps you require a little more support in the arches or around the ankle. Maybe you just want them to look good enough to wear with your gym shorts along with your jeans and Birkenstocks. Whatever your needs, we tested out a handful of socks and narrowed them down to the three best options, in a range of price points. The biggest surprise was those requisite Nike socks didn't make the cut and that elevating your sock game really boosts your confidence at the gym.



Lightweight Sock

• Knit from a lightweight, smooth nylon blend with 5% elastane stretch

• Racing stripe knit into the back for added style

• Seamless toe and zoned mesh stitch on the top of the foot for breathability

• Micro cushioning in the heel and achilles to prevent rubbing

Speed crew sock,
$25 by Tracksmith


Adaptable Sock

• Knit from a supima cotton blend with 3% elastane stretch

• Ribbed from toe-to-cuff for a refined look and cushioned in the footbed for a little extra softness

• Thin enough for loafers, yet substantial enough for sneakers

• Seamless toe and signature honeycomb arch support hugs the foot without feeling too tight

Hybrid ribbed sock,
$16 by Bombas


Modern Sock

• Knit from a CoolMax poly-blend with 5% elastane stretch that's highly breathable and stretchy

• The compression-style fabric has impressive sweat-wicking and anti-microbial properties

• Thinner with a textured, meshy top and a thin “hem” at the top to keep it from slipping down

• Graphic branding down the leg and at the toe

Lite Run quarter sock,
$36 by Bandit Running

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