You know how a tie can add an element of surprise and even sophistication? Well, so can a good belt. While there are many styles a man can choose from, right now, the braided leather belt feels incredibly fresh. Not only does it coincide with all things '90s returning, but the breezy braided style always felt like the right option to wear for summer. And an all-black version is as versatile as it is cool. Tuck your polo into chinos or jeans and even a khaki-colored suit—this textured belt will turn the fit up a notch. What makes it stand out are the details. Intricately woven leather and a brass belt buckle have a dashing, sporty vibe and will always give your kit that exclamation mark it may need. Plus, it guarantees the perfect fit because ... no holes. Just poke the buckle's tongue through the braid. Whether you're looking to spend on an investment piece or keep it under a hundred bucks, we've selected three similar styles—all made with integrity. How much you want to invest is entirely up to you, but as you see, these belts offer serious value for quality.