Linen blazers have been everywhere this spring and summer, especially in a beautiful cream-color option. Perhaps you, like me, have been wary of linen in the past, since the fabric would always look wrinkled, even after steaming. But this is the summer to conquer our fears. Linen is the ultimate warm weather fabric for all the right reasons: lightweight and airy, always dapper yet comfortable, it's essentially easy to care for since it's inherently and unapologetically relaxed. What's more, you can wear it any way you like—slouchy or sleek, the unstructured linen blazer looks great with denim, chinos or matching trousers. Contrary to expectations, it looks the best whenever you put heavy mileage on it, so don't be too precious on this sport coat, even if it is in a lighter color. As for which one to buy, we've selected three similar styles—all made with integrity—and compared what makes them worthy buys. How much you want to spend is entirely up to you, but as you see, these lightweight layers offer serious value for quality.