If You’re Wearing a Coat, Wear a Long Overcoat

Best men's winter overcoats in 2024

If You’re Wearing a Coat, Wear a Long Overcoat

Invest in an outerwear style that’ll always exude timeless elegance

Want to see the difference between a man and boy? Look at his choice of overcoat. Winter is hitting hard and I see grown guys shuffling down the sidewalk in nothing more than a hoodie with a fleece thrown over it. Their posture stiff and their jaws chattering, you almost feel bad for them. Almost. But then I notice a man in a long overcoat—collar turned up and chin nestled into a cozy scarf—standing strongly despite the arctic chill in the air. This is a man who understands that dressing for the occasion provides you with a sense of comfort and confidence.

The right overcoat for 2024 isn't just some outerwear you throw on when the forecast includes windchill. Though it certainly comes in handy. These longer coats will be something of a wardrobe staple. They can be worn time and time again, just as wearable with denim and sweats as it is with a proper suit. The right overcoat will be as warm and cozy as a blanket but as durable as a vintage Land Rover. It's fashionable and versatile, too. In a world where fashion is ever-evolving, the long winter overcoat has emerged as a beacon of timeless style. It's a reminder that true elegance knows no season. So, fasten those buttons, adjust those lapels, and step out onto those cold streets as a modern gentleman with the long overcoat as your trusted companion.


The Best Men’s
Overcoats in 2024

Buck Mason Herringbone wool town coat

Herringbone wool town coat,
$598 by Buck Mason

Drake's Houndstooth wool raglan overcoat

Crafted from 100% wool with an unstructured design, the raglan sleeves are versatile enough to throw this coat over a blazer.

Houndstooth wool raglan overcoat,
$2,295 by Drake's

Reigning Champ Melton wool polo coat

Melton wool polo coat,
$550 by Reigning Champ

Cut long enough to hit well below the knee, this double-breasted top coat features premium detailing for a sharp, artisanal look.

Double-breasted overcoat,
$998 by Todd Snyder

Madewell Italian wool-blend overcoat

Italian wool-blend overcoat,
$398 by Madewell

J.Lindeberg Willy herringbone overcoat

Willy herringbone overcoat,
$695 / $347.50 by J.Lindeberg

Suitsupply Wool-cashmere belted overcoat

Wool-cashmere belted overcoat,
$699 by Suitsupply

Billy Reid Walking car coat

Walking car coat,
$698 / $488 by Billy Reid

Our Legacy Extended whale overcoat

Extended whale overcoat,
$1,040 / $514 by Our Legacy


Sunspel Harris Tweed car coat

Harris Tweed car coat,
$1,450 by Sunspel

J.Crew Ludlow overcoat

Ludlow overcoat,
$548 / $299.50 by J.Crew

Rivay Harris Tweed double-breasted overcoat
Rivay Harris Tweed double-breasted overcoat

Harris Tweed
double-breasted overcoat,
$998 by Rivay

Wythe Barleycorn tweed polo coat

Barleycorn tweed polo coat,
$1,798 by Wythe

A Kind of Guise Kapa mac coat

Kapa mac coat,
$990 by A Kind of Guise

Toast Double-breasted wool overcoat

Double-breasted wool overcoat,
$960 by Toast

This is one of the best options for your money.

Wool mac coat,
$144 / $122.40 by Abercrombie & Fitch

NN07 Wool blend overcoat

Wool blend overcoat,
$1,005 / $603 by NN07

ARKET Wool blend overcoat

Wool blend overcoat,
$329 by ARKET

Garment bag illustration

Did you know?

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause colors to fade. Store your overcoat in a dark closet or a garment bag during the off-seasons.

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