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The Not-So-Serious
Side of Tailoring

Best men's relaxed suits in 2023

The Not-So-Serious Side of Tailoring

The best suits right now are relaxed and easy to wear

A lot has been said about dressing well. Tom Ford has often said that “dressing well is a form of good manners.” The legendary, and famously stylish, tennis player Arthur Ashe might disagree slightly. He once told a reporter, that “clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” A sentiment the always dapper American writer Gay Talese would surely agree with—he's always in a suit and says that “putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.” And it will do the exact same thing for you. Even if you don't work in a job that demands one.

In fact, the best suits today aren't the boring, stiff jackets and pants in workaday grey. They're more relaxed, for one. They're still tailored, but in a more fluid, generous silhouette. And they're cut from a range of fabrics—from rich wools and corduroys to garment-dyed cottons and travel-ready nylon blends. The trousers are wider, and sometimes pleated. The unlined or partially lined blazers are finished with unpadded shoulders—all classic hallmarks of relaxed tailoring. Done right, it should feel effortless, carefree and comfortable as hell. Wear it with your favorite oxford button-down, a denim shirt or knit polo. And when the weather really dips, try a sweater or turtleneck for an equally stylish but ultra cozy look. Making one of these relaxed suits your own is the key to looking and feeling your best the next time you need to pull on a suit. Especially if the only reason why you're suiting up is because you said to yourself, “I feel like wearing a suit today.”


The Best Relaxed Suits
for Men in 2023


Todd Snyder Italian Donegal Sutton suit
Todd Snyder Italian Donegal Sutton suit

Italian Donegal Sutton suit jacket ($698) and pant ($298), both by Todd Snyder

Buck Mason wool graduate blazer

Wool graduate blazer ($498) and
pant ($248), both by Buck Mason

Buck Mason wool graduate pant
Berg & Berge double-breasted flannel suit

Double-breasted flannel blazer ($1,076) and pant ($373),
both by Berg & Berg

The Roebling blazer is milled in Italy, featuring a timeless single-breasted design, two-button closure, and interior pocket.

Roebling wool blazer ($325) and pleated pant ($148),
both by Madewell



Drake's corduroy games blazer

Corduroy games blazer ($1,195)
and pant ($575), both by Drake's

Drake's corduroy games pant

This casual and rugged corduroy suit from Alex Mill is what professors aspire to wear.

Corduroy blazer ($225) and pleated pant ($145), both by Alex Mill

Suitsupply Havana corduroy suit

Havana corduroy suit,
$999 by Suitsupply

A Kind of Guise notch corduroy suit
A Kind of Guise notch corduroy suit

Notch corduroy blazer ($657) and pant ($312),
both by A Kind of Guise



This secret agent-level suit is crafted from a durable stretch performance wool and nylon blend that looks luxurious but can endure all kinds of abuse and come out looking sharp.

Tech wool blazer ($520) and wool pant ($360),
both by Norse Projects

Wills stretch wool suit

Stretch wool blazer ($328) and pant ($198), both by Wills

J.Crew italian cotton unstructured suit

Unstructured blazer ($298) and pant ($298), both by J.Crew

Stoffa shirt jacket
Stoffa shirt jacket

Shirt jacket ($1,250) and pleated pant ($475),
both by Stòffa



Sunspel unstructured blazer

A year-round navy suit is a closet essential.

Unstructured blazer ($535) and
twill pant ($295), both by Sunspel

Sunspel twill pant
Barena double-breasted blazer
Barena double-breasted blazer

Double-breasted blazer ($1,030) and pant ($560), both by Barena

Officine Generale single-breasted italian worsted wool blazer
Officine Generale single-breasted italian worsted wool blazer

Single-breasted blazer ($765) and drawstring pant ($485), both by Officine Générale

Noah herringbone sack jacket

Herringbone sack jacket ($998) and
single-pleated pant ($698), both by Noah

Noah single-pleated tweed pant

Hang Your Suits
With Care

Hang Your Suits
With Care

Properly caring for and storing expensive suiting is essential to maintaining their quality and appearance. Wooden hangers are the backbone of proper storage, as they help preserve the shape of the suits while preventing wrinkles. A velvet bar will prevent your pants from slipping. Plus, the dark wooden design can also add a touch of elegance to any closet.

Wooden hangers, $17.99 (for 2-pack) by Quality Hangers

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