The Best Turtleneck Sweaters at Any Price

The Best Turtleneck Sweaters at Any Price

Casually cool and effortlessly elegant

Best turtleneck sweaters for men in 2024

It’s a sweater that goes by many names. Known as a turtleneck here in the States and Canada, across the pond in Britain, it's called a polo neck or rollneck. And in Australia? A skivvy. But it's all the same creeping neckline that suddenly gives you leading man energy. There's an understated elegance to this sturdy, textural knit. And that means wearing one right now tells the world, “I know what's up.”

Do you need a little confidence to pull them off? Sure. You can wear them on their own, but they also make such easy work of layering that all you really need to wear them is a jacket—a black denim trucker, a plaid sport coat or even a long overcoat. Pull one on and you'll instantly feel dressed up without feeling overdressed—that's the power they have. And the best part? Designers of every stripe have embraced them, so there are options available at investment-level to wallet-friendly prices. Here are a few of our favorites.


The Best Turtlenecks
for Men in 2024

Banana Republic Merino turtleneck

Merino turtleneck,
$120 by Banana Republic

Sunspel Lambswool turtleneck

Lambswool turtleneck,
$415 by Sunspel

Heimat U boat turtleneck

U boat turtleneck,
$275 by Heimat

A reimagined take on the classic fisherman sweater, with an exaggerated cable stitch and an extended turtleneck.

Cable turtleneck,
$398 / $299 by Todd Snyder

J. Press Lambswool turtleneck sweater

Lambswool turtleneck sweater,
$225 by J. Press

UNIQLO Cashmere turtleneck

Cashmere turtleneck,
$59.90 by UNIQLO

Toast Donegal turtleneck sweater

Donegal turtleneck sweater,
$315 by Toast

Woolrich Garment-dyed wool turtleneck

wool turtleneck,
$320 / $195 by Woolrich

Finisterre Furlong merino wool turtleneck

Furlong merino
wool turtleneck,
$180 by Finisterre


J.Crew Cashmere turtleneck
J.Crew Cashmere turtleneck

Cashmere turtleneck,
$188 by J.Crew

Tricot Cashmere turtleneck

Cashmere turtleneck,
$289 by Tricot

RRL Marled wool-blend turtleneck

Marled wool-blend turtleneck,
$395 / $279 by RRL

Drake's Lambswool turtleneck sweater

Lambswool turtleneck sweater,
$495 by Drake's

Ghiaia Ribbed turtleneck

Ribbed turtleneck,
$695 / $347.50 by Ghiaia

Quince Mongolian cashmere turtleneck sweater
Quince Mongolian cashmere turtleneck sweater

Mongolian cashmere
turtleneck sweater,
$79.90 by Quince


Horatio Ballogie turtleneck

Ballogie turtleneck,
$211 by Horatio

Suitsupply Wool and cashmere turtleneck

Wool and cashmere
$199 by Suitsupply

Sid Mashburn Fine-gauge turtleneck

Fine-gauge turtleneck,
$395 by Sid Mashburn

Foret Marsh puzzle turtleneck
Foret Marsh puzzle turtleneck

Marsh puzzle turtleneck,
$189 by Foret

Buck Mason Herdsman turtleneck

Herdsman turtleneck,
$248 by Buck Mason

Proper Turtleneck Storage

Storing your turtleneck sweaters correctly can help maintain their shape and quality. Here are some tips:

Fold Instead of Hang
Turtleneck sweaters are best stored folded to prevent stretching. Hanging them can lead to misshaping in the fabric over time.

Use Sweater Bags or Containers
Consider using breathable sweater bags or containers to protect your turtlenecks from dust and pests. Make sure the containers allow for air circulation to help prevent moisture buildup.

Check for Moths
Periodically check your stored sweaters for signs of moths or other pests. Natural moth repellents like cedar blocks or lavender sachets can help deter these insects.

Rotate Clothing
If you have a collection of turtleneck sweaters, consider rotating them to prevent excessive wear on specific items—this can help maintain the longevity of your wardrobe.

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