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The Vintage Pieces You Want This Summer

Men's vintage summer clothing essentials

The Vintage Pieces You Want This Summer

Get ’em quick, because once they’re gone, they’re gone

Vintage Oxford popover shirt,
$28 by Polo Ralph Lauren

You could say that vintage clothing has never been cooler than it is right now. The one-off nature of these older, pre-loved pieces not only gives your look some hard-earned patina, but also provides a certain cachet. This is not a piece that anyone can just pick up at their closest shopping center or order from their phone to be delivered straight to their home. It's unique and probably pretty rare, meaning few other fashion bros will have one just like it.

But that's not to say that vintage clothes are difficult to find. Of course, there are plenty of local spots you should check out in your area, but you can easily peruse online with sites as varied as Grailed and Depop to indie Instagram accounts. You can also set your alerts on sites like eBay to help you score the perfect pre-owned grail, in your size and on the cheap.

Rounding out your wardrobe with vintage pieces is not only stylish and savvy, it's sustainable, too. It's an ethical way to keep adding to your closet while pulling inspiration from eternally stylish dudes like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. As for what you might want to pick up for Summer 2024, we've asked some of our most stylish friends and polled the Valet. staff about what they're currently shopping for. Here's the hit list of the old items you should consider buying for yourself.


Our Summer 2024
Vintage Picks

Cargo Short

Style writer Jake Woolf is going all-in with some Y2K cargo shorts from A&F, which he calls “unapologetically long” and says that the authentic military-inspired details—from the twill fabric to the reinforced waistband—are what really make these oversized shorts worthy of a comeback.

$40 at Depop

Oxford Button-Down

A new oxford cloth shirt can be a tad crisp. The shirting equivalent of some raw denim. Opt for comfort by picking up a pre-owned version. It's softer and easy to layer over a tee or tank top—especially if you size up. This is also an ideal way to grab a high-quality shirt, from a brand like Ralph Lauren, for a fraction of the retail price. Or if you want a proper OCBD from the 1980s with all the bells and whistles that was made in the USA, you can find those, too.

$175 at Wooden Sleepers

Sweater Vest

The Bear's Jeremy Allen White has been putting a cool, dirtbag edge on a preppy classic, the Lacoste sweater vest. Unlike heavier knit options, these knit vests (from the mid-1980s and early '90s) are lightweight and are typically made from a breathable cotton blend material that's a little stretchy and slinky.

$22 at eBay


Nylon Short

The nice thing about Patagonia's legendary Baggies is that the shorts' design hasn't really changed much over the years. And a well-worn pair has a rugged, badass quality that makes them look even cooler. One Valet. writer is making it his mission to collect as many colors as he can, since he wears them around the house, to workout and at weekend dinners.

$35 at Grailed

Graphic Tee

If you ask me, every guy needs a good vintage T-shirt in his wardrobe. It could be from a favorite band's tour, it could be an old-school military tee or just a random graphic design—as long as it's from a previous decade. The key is that it should be personal, because these often elicit questions, so just be prepared to answer.

$150 at Raggedy Threads

Athletic Jersey

Call it “blokecore” if you want, or maybe it's just a way to add some sporty vibes to a comfortable weekend fit, but pulling on an old jersey with your favorite pair of shorts and some comfortable sneakers, or even loafers, is a look we're embracing this summer. But it can't just be any jersey. We want something unique and interesting. Like this one from the Czech Republic's 1998 World Cup team.

$90 / $57 at Grailed


Guayabera Shirt

While everyone's off buying the same camp collar shirt as each other, you can pick up an authentic guayabera shirt from the 1970s. The lightweight shirt has all the stitching and pockets and open collar you want right now, but with a heavy touch of old school cabana style.

$12.95 at eBay

Dad Cap

Just like a vintage tee, an old school hat just feels a whole lot more cooler than anything brand new. This deadstock Land Rover merch hat seems perfect for summer. But, please, find whatever one that speaks to your sensibilities.

$45 at Good Form Vintage

Vodka water bottle mixture illustration

Get Rid of That
Vintage Smell

An easy fix for that musty funk is a lot closer than you think. “All you have to do is mix one part vodka with two parts water in a spray bottle,” says Hollywood costume designer Janie Bryant. Spritz it onto the fabric and let it dry. “It works every time.”

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