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Essential Home Bar

The Best Booze, Bitters and Bar Tools for the Ideal At-Home Drink


The Mixers


A "dash" of this or a "splash" of that can mean the difference between a great drink and, for lack of a better word, swill. All too often, top shelf booze is marginalized with cheap mixers. Pony up for a few quality bottles and enjoy your investment. Here's what you need and for what.

Party Calculator

The first rule to hosting a party is to have plenty of hooch. Follow these guidelines to ensure you're properly stocked.

½ lb. for each person per hour.


One bottle per five people per hour.


Tonics, Sodas, Juices, etc.
Three bottles for each bottle of base liquor.


A bottle for every three people per hour.


Two bottles a person per hour.

Presented by Don Q Rum

The number one rum in the land of rum


Angostura Bitters were originally developed as a medicine to fight off malaria by a German military physician stationed in Angostura, Venezuela.


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