A rotisserie chicken from your local grocery store or deli will cost between $5 to $10 and feed you for a week.

Bring a
Better Lunch

If you're looking to save time and money when it comes to your lunch break, bringing your meal from home is the best way to do it. Of course, no one's interested in a dinky microwave burrito or limp sandwich slapped with a few slices of turkey. There's a better way to brown bag it. And it starts with a rotisserie chicken from your local deli or grocery store. Turns out, those slow-cooked, seasoned birds go a long way and make for an economical way to bring real food to your midday meal. When you get the chicken home, carve it up and store in an air-tight container (eat the wings right then and there as a reward for your hard work). Then prepare for some lunchtime deliciousness and the smug satisfaction of not having to wait in that massive line at Chipotle. Herewith, four easily-adaptable recipes for lunches that travel well and keep things interesting.


Banh Mi Sandwich



1 Leg and Thigh (Sliced)

Sure, you could make a standard chicken sandwich. Buy why not follow the Inquiring Chef's lead and turn it up a notch with this easy-to-craft Vietnamese sandwich featuring tangy pickled vegetables and a spicy Sriracha mayo.

Chicken Taco Salad



1 Breast

Use this recipe from The Pioneer Woman as the blueprint to make your own Southwestern style salad, packed with bold flavors and crunch. Store your dressing separately (in a small container or ziplock bag) until you're ready to eat.



Want to make the most of your chicken? Make homemade chicken stock with the leftover bones.


Curried Chicken Salad



1 Breast

As simple to whip up as your run-of-the-mill chicken salad, but this cool, curried version from DJ Foodie makes for a much more interesting lunch. Have it on bread, wrapped in traditional naan or over some salad greens.

The Grown Up Lunch Box

Keep your food cool, protected and tidy with these sharp looking and easy to carry carriers—no plastic or cartoon characters in sight.


From left to right:
Waxed canvas and leather bag, $49.95 at Williams-Sonoma Stainless steel 3-in-1 box, $25.99 by EcoLunchbox and Cone Mills canvas drawstring bag, $47 by Stanley & Sons

Cold Peanut Soba Noodles



1 Leg and Thigh

The ingredients for this cold noodle dish from Pinch of Yum can be prepared ahead of time, leaving nothing more to do in the morning before work than to toss the noodles and chicken with some crisp veggies and a spicy sauce.