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Fashion Week Diary:

The Buyer

  • BBlessing,
    181 Orchard St.,
    New York

Day in the life of Nicholas Kratochvil, BBlessing's designer and buyer.

I injured my cornea and, rather than look like I have pink eye, I bought an eyepatch.

Heard some lapel pins I designed for BBlessing with Derrick Cruz were used in the Bespoken show. I had a showroom appointment, so unfortunately I couldn't make it.

Freezing out, but I could use the walk, so I trek to the Wooly to see Molly Yestadt's new line of hats. There's a red fedora with an unusual crown that works very well. I like 'red' for Fall.

Stop by a newer line I really like called Native Son. They're having a 3-D video presentation, but without the use of both eyes, 3-D is tough for me.

Tim Hamilton's Redux presentation at Milk reminds me of the earliest RAF by Raf Simons collections. It's good though. Cool knits.

Back at the office, looking over notes I realize I've been to more presentations than runway shows this season. I think I like this trend because I can show up and leave whenever I want, but really I prefer runway.

At Southside doing a sound check with DJ Japanster. We're DJing the Phillip Lim after-party but I'm upset that I'm missing out on the Odyn Vovk show. I've always been curious about what they're doing, though I've never written an order.


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