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Antonio Azzuolo

By Jian DeLeon for Valet.

Leave it to Canadian-born Italian designer Antonio Azzuolo to bring the Spaghetti Western to fashion week. Inspired by urban cowboys with a penchant for spacewalks and glam rock, it was one of the week's most talked about collections. Featuring geometric alpaca Intarsia knits, fair isle cardigans and metallic trimmings, we caught up with Azzuolo afterwards.


There was a lady in the line-up ...

We wanted to add a little accent. I've started doing some custom work for women, and it's something I'll eventually get into. It's such a nice concept—women interested in a custom-made suit. It's a new dimension to couture, but it's tailored suiting.


Speaking of glam, where did the iridescent metallic accessories come from?

I just felt color-wise it's a beautiful color, the silver and the gold, but only as accents, not in-your-face. We're in a weird time where people need reassurance. But there needs to be an energy and motivation, a spark that comes from  within and that's profound. Why am I saying that? I feel like for some reason it's relevant.


How else was this collection a departure?

It's a bigger collection—more about separates really—it's very flexible. I like that kind of versatility and flexibility. It's also a departure I think, aesthetically. Every season we explore what I feel are archetypes of a guy. This season he's an urban cowboy; he's kind of modish and glamorous.


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