We sat down with a few New York creatives for an insider's take on seasonal style. What they're looking to buy, the trends they're digging and their thoughts on what guys should and should not try to pull off when the weather warms up.



Jake Gallagher

For being one of the young guns on the menswear scene, Jake Gallagher has put his stamp on menswear with well-versed, opinionated and uniquely thoughtful pieces ranging from brand features and intriguing interviews to the status of dad jeans and their prevalence in society. You can check out his archive of work at Wax Wane and his more current pieces at A Continuous Lean where he recently began working alongside founder Michael Williams.

Single needle shirt, $148 by Steven Alan and 501 jeans, $47 by Levi's

Some spring trends you're currently looking at?

I'm really into pale colors. I want colors that reflect climate—there are a lot of good pale button ups and knits out there. In terms of outerwear, jackets with pockets and camp/field shirts provide the utilitarian aspect that I look for since I don't like to carry a bag. Those are some of the trends, but when thinking about a day-to-day look, it's going to be a pair of Birkenstocks or Belgian loafers, some white jeans and a chambray shirt. Something that lends itself to simplicity and practicality.

What about a favorite piece in your current wardrobe?

Vintage Coca-Cola rugby polo,
$30 at Etsy

I have this Coca-Cola rugby from the '80s with a license owned by United Colors of Benneton, designed by Tommy Hilfiger before he was the Tommy Hilfiger. It's super cool with stitched lettering, and I'm always looking out for them on eBay. I'm excited to pull that out again.

Bucket hat,
$49 by Barbour

Any rainy day wardrobe advice?

I wear these things called rain loafers and I wear 'em sockless. Get a bonded lightweight rain jacket with a hood. I hate trying to navigate city streets with an umbrella so a rain jacket is key. I'm also a big bucket hat believer nowadays. They're goofy, I'm fully aware of it, but they're functional and I can just throw it in my pocket.

Brands on
Gallagher's Radar?

Engineered Garments is always on point, Orley's debut was super strong. Their knitwear is perfect.”

New kicks?

I recently got some Adidas Stan Smiths that I'm wearing right now. They're a great take on the white summer sneaker. Then, they're not necessarily new, but chukkas and Wallabees are always reliable. I'm not sure why, but I love the look of that thick Wallabee platform with shorts or a high inseam pant. You can probably blame Andy Spade for that one.

Most importantly, a least favorite move that you see guys trying to pull off?

People need to stop trying to fight the fact that it's hot. If it is ninety degrees, it's ninety degrees. People should wear clothing that's appropriate. Don't put on raw denim, or a long sleeved shirt... Just wear a normal tee shirt. Oh, and flip flops. I hate them. I don't know how guys do the whole open-toe thing. It's sort of grimy when you think about it.

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