We sat down with a few New York creatives for an insider's take on seasonal style. What they're looking to buy, the trends they're digging and their thoughts on what guys should and should not try to pull off when the weather warms up.



Christopher Fenimore

Christopher Fenimore has made his presence known in the menswear sphere with his beautifully shot street style photographs that appear on sites like Four Pins along with his own Tumblr (which also features shots of whatever seems to inspire him on any given day). Growing up in Brooklyn, Chris has encapsulated all the best parts of New York style and turned them into his own look. And did we mention that when he's not studying literature, he's sharpening his sartorial teeth as part of the tight-knit Carson Street team?

Indigo-dyed work shirt,
$120 by Save Khaki

Some spring trends you're looking at?

Indigo. Everybody seems to be embracing it. Popovers too. And I think the color block look on sweaters is going to be big for layering.

$255 by

Cotton twill jacket, $599
by LBM 1911

What are your favorite pieces in your current wardrobe?

These Carson Street linen pants that I had tapered are really cool. And something that I started doing awhile back is taking my collared shirts from the winter that are worn out and cutting their collars off every summer. I have this Ovadia and Sons light denim shirt, so it's got a frayed collar now and I'm super pumped to start wearing it. LBM jackets are the perfect spring blazer, so you'll be seeing me in one a lot.

Sk8-Hi Reissue,
$60 by Vans

Any tips for stylishly staying dry in the rain?

Whitewash jeans because they won't stain, and some Vans skate-hi's. Most people do boots or rain shoes, but I just wear sneakers. And a normal baseball cap.

$100 by

Pick up any new kicks recently?

I just picked up a pair of chukkas from Folk. They're handmade in Peru and are so perfect with this cool stitching. And Wallabees will always be a staple. My professor in high school actually got me on those.

Favorite part of warm weather?

Lack of layering, man. It's so much easier to get dressed in the morning when you have fewer articles to choose from.

Brands on
Fenimore's Radar?

Ami is great. And Inis Meain is an Irish knit brand. They've got some great stuff that I'm excited to check out.”

Do you have a style pet peeve that you see guys trying to pull off?

Cut off denim shorts. They bring awful flashbacks to the emo rock shows I used to go to. Guys who wear super tight t-shirts too. In general I think the idea of fit is something guys need to work on.

What about some influences?

Josh Peskowitz always kills it. My buddy Marcus Allen is a great stylist; always on point. I'd say Brian Trunzo (co-owner of Carson Street) is always walking that line of "too much," but he nails it down every time. Barena is an Italian brand that really inspires me.