31 Days
Day 27

Four Simple Bad Breath Hacks

Volume 10

You could be talking to a colleague or a friend, a potential employer or a potential love interest. Nothing kills a conversation, a first impression or your confidence like realizing you've got some nasty breath. It's not your fault. Even those with the cleanest of mouths can fall prey to an occasional case of halitosis. It all depends on the time of day, your past meal and even your stress levels. But if you're feeling a bit self-conscious about it, here are four simple strategies to freshening up your breath.

Drink More Water

When is drinking more water ever a bad idea? Drinking water will help keep odor under control because it helps wash away food particles and bacteria, the primary cause of bad breath. Dehydration can lead to bad breath as well. Because when you're dehydrated you don't produce as much saliva, which in turn leads to an increase in dead cells on your tongue and gums. Those dead cells become food for that nasty bacteria.

Snack on an Apple

That afternoon slump when you might go for a coffee? Try an apple. First of all, it's a scrubbing-type food that cleans your teeth and tongue as you eat it (like carrots and celery). And a study published in the Journal of Dental Research explored the possibility that polyphenols, like those found in apples or green tea, might inhibit the genetic activity of bacteria in your mouth, especially those that give off foul odors after you eat a meal or sleep with your mouth open.

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Scrape Your Tongue

Studies have proven that anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of the bad breath-causing molecules are camped out on your tongue. A scraper is more effective at removing bacteria and other gunk from the tongue than a standard toothbrush. A good test is to inspect your tongue in the mirror. It should be pink. If there's a yellowish or white film, then a scraper will do you (and your breath) good.

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Chew Away Post-Meal Funk

You've just finished a meal and realize you've got no gum or breath mints? Look around the table for natural breath fresheners. Like that parsley on the side of the plate or that sprig of mint. A lemon or orange rind can also get rid of any foul odor in your mouth.

Volume 10   //   2018

31 Days is back ... And 2018 marks its tenth iteration. When we started this a decade ago, we never imagined that these daily guides to being better men would take off and become one of Valet.'s most popular series of all time. So thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. This year, we're focusing on productivity—ways in which you can streamline and improve your days to make your job less stressful, your work more efficient and your life run just a bit more smoothly. It's time to raise your game.

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