Inject Wellness Into Your Daily Routine

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Inject Wellness Into Your Daily Routine

Upgrade your grooming practices to help you feel better instantly

Summer is a time when we lighten up and give ourselves a break. We slow down, take time off, maybe travel somewhere new. But we're not going anywhere anytime soon. The closest thing we have to a vacation is self-care. But the act of taking care of oneself can be incredibly rewarding.

Grooming is a given. Every morning you'll wake up and hop in the shower, brush your teeth and rub some moisturizer into your face. But self-care is a choice. It takes a little more effort. But that determination comes with a big pay off. In this time of plague and social unrest, so much can feel out of your control. Slowing down, checking in with yourself while tending to your body can be incredibly empowering. The better you feel, the better you'll look and vice versa. Here's how to round out your grooming routine to include some stuff that will offset any stress, lack of sleep and emotional imbalance.


Your Self-Care
Daily Routine

Light a Vibe

Harlem Candle Co. Ellington Dual-Wick Candle

Ellington dual-wick candle,
$45 by Harlem Candle Co.

You want to elevate your grooming from a regimen to a ritual. Light a candle. The act alone sets an intention that this is more than just a chore. Strike a match and the flickering flame indicates you're doing something for yourself. There's a touch of indulgence that can be incredibly rewarding during tough times. Plus, most candles will be fortified with a fragrance that can fill your bathroom with aromas that will transport or invigorate you. This jazz-inspired scent mixes clary sage and citrus with warm amber and patchouli to boost your spirits.

Harlem Candle Co. Ellington Dual-Wick Candle

Ellington dual-wick candle,
$45 by Harlem Candle Co.

Hit the
Pause Button

You know the main reason why sheet masks are so good: they're soaked in a specially-targeted serum, which delivers direct treatment to whatever skin concern you've got. All you have to do is stick the mask on your freshly washed face and give it a little time. That's what we love about them right now. They require you to lay back, kick your feet up and shut up—at least for 15 minutes. Keep your phone down out of your hand and quiet your mind while your skin soaks up all the soothing ingredients from the mask.

HeTime Revitalizing and Hydrating Mask

Revitalizing and hydrating mask,
$8 by HeTime

Port Products Marine Layer Recovery Mask

Marine Layer recovery mask,
$46 for four, by Port Products

the Edges

Los Poblanos Lavender Salve

Lavender salve,
$24 by Los Poblanos

You can use your sense of smell to deliver instant relaxation, says Pamela Dalton, a sensory psychologist at Philadelphia's Monell Chemical Senses Center. Lavender already calms the nervous system, so apply a product infused with lavender oil while taking some long, deep meditative breaths. Then sit down for a proper meditation, if you can. After a few sessions, the aroma itself will elicit a relaxed state—even when you don't have time to meditate.

Los Poblanos Lavender Salve

Lavender salve,
$24 by Los Poblanos

Pop the
Right Pills

Scientists from Linkoping University in Sweden studied the effects of supplements not just in the short-term, but in the long run and found that not only do they offer significant health improvements right now, but a decade later their benefits are still evident. What's more, we've found that the simple act of taking one each morning provides a shot of confidence—you're doing something small but significant for your health. It's a good way to start the day. Whether you're going for a basic multivitamin or something more targeted, like a probiotic or skin-strengthening supplement, it's up to you.

The Nue Co. Skin Hydrator

Skin Hydrator,
$45 by The Nue Co.

Seed Daily Probiotic + Prebiotic

Daily probiotic + prebiotic,
$49.99 by Seed

Take a

At the end of a difficult day, there's a lot to be said for slowing down and soaking in a hot bath. Bathing Culture's mineral bath is inspired by the mineral-rich hot springs of California and is formulated with green clay to nourish and soften skin, while organic cypress and cedar offer a mental vacation to Big Sur. Or you could toss these magnesium-rich salts from NatureofThings into a post-workout bath to ease tension and muscle soreness—the added CBD is a relaxing game changer.

Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath

Big Dipper mineral bath,
$30 by Bathing Culture

NatureofThings Fortifying Magnesium Soak

Fortifying magnesium soak,
$36 by NatureofThings


According to the American Heart Association, nearly half of all American adults have high blood pressure, but many don't even know they have it.

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