Weekend Pairing

“Central Park”
+ a Whiskey Rebellion Cocktail

Central Park Apple TV+ series by Loren Bouchard Central Park Apple TV+ series by Loren Bouchard

Apple TV+’s Central Park, debuting today from the creators of Bob’s Burgers, is an aptly-timed love letter to urban parks in the age of lockdowns. Albeit a slightly rude, singing telegram of a love letter.

Where Bob's would regularly feature song parodies, this animated series is a full-blown musical—voiced by an all-star cast—where the plots and jokes are both there mainly to service the original songs. What kind of songs, you ask? Well, there's a yearning ode to garbage collection, an upbeat number about a multitasking mom and a funk-flavored jam about cleaning up after your dog. Each episode layers sincere, character-driven stories with wild twists in a developer's villainous plan to build condos in the park. The show is an oddball escape that promises a hit of warmth and hilarity each week (since Apple isn't binge-releasing the show).

Your Pairing:

When watching a show about New York's famed park, why not mix yourself a riff on a classic Manhattan cocktail? The Whiskey Rebellion, as featured in Saveur, mixes Bulleit rye with two kinds of vermouth. It's finished with West Indies orange bitters and—this is important—authentic Amarena cherries. Lowly grocery store maraschino cherries just won't do it justice.

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