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+ an Aperol Slush

Chris Evans in Snowpiercer series from TNT Chris Evans in Snowpiercer series from TNT

The second adaptation of a dystopian graphic novel from 1982, Snowpiercer takes place aboard a perpetually moving train circling the globe. Why? Because Earth has been obliterated into an uninhabitable frozen wasteland. The fast-paced drama, which premieres on TNT at 9 p.m. Sunday, is based on Oscar-winner Bong Joon-ho's 2013 film of the same name, starring Chris Evans.

In the pilot, we're brought onboard six years, nine months and 26 days into the journey when a body is discovered and this arc-on-rails develops into a murder mystery that has to navigate class warfare in order to solve the case. The series underwent several reshoots and took five years to get here, but the cast—including Jennifer Connelly and Hamilton's Daveed Digs—and stunning visuals have definitely piqued our interest. Suddenly, staying inside my own house doesn't sounds so bad.

Your Pairing:

I couldn't not pick a frozen cocktail, right? Plus, summer's right around the corner—whatever that means in our new reality. This tasty drink takes one of my favorite cocktails, an Aperol Spritz, and reworks it into a slushy. But as Bon Appétit puts it: “Don't be fooled by the pretty pink hue; Aperol's bitterness and tequila's bite keep this slushy from being too sweet.”

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