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What to Get Coffee Lovers

Well-vetted options for your favorite at-home barista.

Holiday gifts for coffee lovers

Pour over, French press, AeroPress, espresso, K-cups and instant are just a few methods to brewing your favorite bean broth. Personally, I lean towards a pour over in the morning, as the process of grinding fresh beans, setting my kettle to the right temperature, and enjoying coffee the “slow way” is one of the best parts of my AM. I wasn't always a coffee lover but going through this process, I came to appreciate all the little details—different blends, grind times and the origin of the coffee bean. If this sounds familiar or like someone you know, this list is for you.

Gifting some form of coffee-related products is never a bad idea. What better time of year than the holidays to gift someone caffeine? I got deep into the coffee game thanks to a wedding registry gift, and I haven't looked back since. From mugs, magazines and coasters, we have you covered from gifting to a coffee connoisseur (or a beginning barista.)

What to Get Coffee Lovers

KINTO SCS Coffee Measuring Spoon

SCS coffee measuring spoon,
$22.50 by KINTO

Rising Star Coffee Los Regalos Single Origin Beans

Los Regalos single origin beans,
$18 by Rising Star Coffee

Classic Eight Cup Chemex
Classic Eight Cup Chemex

Classic eight cup Chemex,
$42 by Chemex

Burke Decor Stoneware Creamer and Sugar Set

Stoneware creamer and sugar set with wood tray,
$16.25 by Burke Decor

Fellow Clara French Press
Fellow Clara French Press

Clara French press,
$99 by Fellow

David Chipperfield Silver Alessi Edition Moka Coffee Pot

Silver Alessi edition moka coffee pot,
$60 by David Chipperfield

ZWILLING Conical Burr Grinder

Conical burr grinder,
$139.99 by ZWILLING