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InsideTracker holiday gift guide

This time of year is all about indulging, but it's also about promising—to ourselves and others—that we're getting serious about our health in the new year. Whether your loved one is kickstarting a new wellness journey or is already an accomplished athlete, InsideTracker is the most personalized way to achieve their goals.There's no doubt that extreme personalization is the future of health and fitness, but in order to drill down, you need to first know what you're working with.

InsideTracker was founded over a decade ago by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data. Their personalized wellness plans are based on information from a person's blood and DNA. After all, no two people achieve optimal health the same way. And this isn't about empty promises. Their biomarker analyses are scientifically backed in peer-reviewed journals. So whether you're planning on gifting a plan or treating yourself to a jump start on a New Year's wellness goal, here are the plans worth considering. Plus you can now score 20% off sitewide with our exclusive promo code INSIDEVALET20 through December 31st.

Best Personalized
Wellness Gifts

Ultimate Plan

Their most comprehensive plan offers a detailed analysis covering everything from athletic performance to longevity.

$589 / $471.20 w/code INSIDEVALET20 by InsideTracker

InsideTracker DNA Kit


Reveal your genetic potential with this easy at-home DNA test kit.

$249 / $199.20 by InsideTracker

InsideTracker InnerAge Plan

InnerAge 2.0 Plan

This data-driven model calculates your biological age and provides science-backed recommendations to feel your best.

$179 / $143.20 by InsideTracker

Essentials Plan

Essentials Plan

Want to focus on your personal wellness? This blood test includes a dozen important health biomarkers.

$189 / $151.20 by InsideTracker

InsideTracker Home Kit

Home Kit

Maintain an active lifestyle from home with this seven wellness biomarker test kit.

$299 / $239.20 by InsideTracker

InsideTracker Blood Results Upload

Blood Results Upload

Science driven recommendations with up to 43 total biomarkers.

$119 / $95.20 by InsideTracker