We invest a lot of money into our outerwear. And rightfully so. After all, the better the quality the warmer they tend to keep you. And people see your coat before they see your outfit underneath. But let's be honest ... you've never washed your winter coat have you? And if you were to smell your coat, what do you think it'd smell like? Spot Cleaning:
If you have a small spill or splash, you don’t have to wash the whole coat. Simply blot (don’t rub) with cold soda water using an absorbent cloth to soak up and remove the offending stain.
That likely depends on a number of factors—like where you've worn it, how often you wear it and how long you've owned it. But the takeaway is the same: coats are clothes too. And oftentimes, they're expensive garments that deserve to be cared for properly. The problem with not washing your coats, ever, is that the daily dirt and grime eventually builds up, creating a dingy appearance that will, over time, ruin the look of the coat completely. Treat your outerwear well and it will last longer and you'll look better.