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The V-Neck Revival

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The V-Neck Revival

The crewneck has ruled for years.
But that changes now.

Best men's v-neck sweaters in 2023

It was only a matter of time. Fashion, as we know, moves in waves and continually cycles back around. We also know that man has a tendency to push a good thing so far, he'll push it right off a cliff. Such was the case with the V-neck sweater. There was a time, maybe in the late '90s, when the chunky V-neck was the choice for a stylish guy to pull on. But in the early aughts—perhaps due to the deep-V tee plunging deeper than it ever should have—the reliable V-neck sweater just kind of became ... uncool. It was never out of style, exactly, just not what any stylish guy was interested in.

Why This
Works Now

These new V-necks are familiar and yet feel like something we haven't seen in a while. They're begging for a second chance and now's the time since they pair perfectly with the return of loafers and pleated chinos. They're also the perfect topper to washed jeans and sweats—both of which are getting plenty of wear at the moment.

The style was pushed to the back of our collective closet, but not forgotten. And after loads of classic crewnecks and relaxed, vintage sweatshirts, the V-neck now feels like an antidote to more of the same. This fall, as all things '90s return with a slightly neo-prep spin, a new crop of V-neck sweaters has swaggered back into style, feeling both nostalgic and fresh. Designers of brands both big and small have dusted off the sweater and reworked it for today. That means chunkier, boxier fits and textural knits—even the occasional pop of color or bold, freaky pattern.

But not everything has changed. What remains is the V-neck's uncanny ability to make any guy look good. This is a sweater that's made to be layered. Over a shirt. Under a jacket. It works in a myriad of ways and looks exponentially more interesting than its crewneck counterparts. And that wider, deeper collar works to visually broaden your chest, making your shoulders appear a little wider and your pecs look a bit more muscular. Nothing wrong with that, right? As for which style is right for you, that's a matter of choice. So we've pulled together some of our current favorites in a range of prices, styles and patterns.

Why This
Works Now

These new V-necks are familiar and yet feel like something we haven't seen in a while. They're begging for a second chance and now's the time since they pair perfectly with the return of loafers and pleated chinos. They're also the perfect topper to washed jeans and sweats—both of which are getting plenty of wear at the moment.



What to
Look For

Men's sweater natural fibers detail



Natural Fibers

It was the number one suggestion by retailers and stylists when asked about what makes a good, lasting sweater: Stay away from synthetic yarns and opt for natural fibers. The best sweaters are knit from merino wool, cashmere, alpaca and cotton. These not only breathe better on the body, but tend to hold up to wear and washings for much longer than acrylic or poly blend yarns.

Men's sweater soft hand detail


A Soft

A Soft Hand

The biggest complaint about any sweater? It's itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable against the skin. Those are the hallmarks of a cheap sweater because lower-quality fibers and blends can tend to feel stiffer. But if the fabric feels pliable, tightly woven, and nice against the skin, it's a sign of a higher quality knit.

Men's sweater seams detail



The Seams

All sweaters have seams. They're usually around the cuffs, shoulders, and collar, and they will be a telltale sign of how well constructed the sweater is (and whether or not it will last). Check to see that the seams are smooth, even and don't disturb the overall shape.

Men's sweater cuff and hems detail


The Cuff
& Hems

The Cuff & Hems

Take a closer look at the other details of the sweater, like its edging and trim along the cuffs and hem. The ribbing or vertical knitting should be even and integrated well into the overall garment. It should not curl up, but should spring back when stretched.

The Best V-Neck Sweaters
in 2023


Knit from a wool/alpaca blend with a relaxed ’90s fit and a generous collar.

Wool-blend v-neck sweater,
$118 by Madewell

Todd Snyder Ribbed Donegal v-neck sweater

Made from soft lambswool and knit in a half-cardigan stitch that adds texture on top of the visual interest of the Donegal yarn.

Ribbed Donegal
v-neck sweater,
$258 by Todd Snyder

Tricot Cashmere v-neck sweater

Knitted with three threads for extra thickness, it has a slightly oversized sweatshirt-inspired fit.

Cashmere v-neck sweater,
$249 by Tricot

Buck Mason Brushed wool fleece v-neck sweater

Inspired by vintage collegiate Shetland knits, this cotton/wool blend has an incredibly light, fleecy texture.

Brushed wool fleece
v-neck sweater,
$178 by Buck Mason

Drake's Italian merino wool v-neck sweater

The quintessential V-neck, constructed from pure Merino wool, with smooth ribbed cuffs and classic raglan sleeves.

Italian merino
wool v-neck sweater,
$450 by Drake's

Zara Limited-edition v-neck sweater

An oversized style with dropped shoulders and a wide, ribbed V-neck collar.

v-neck sweater,
$59.90 by Zara

Alex Mill Cashmere v-neck sweater

An updated take on a classic sweater, with a ribbed texture knit from 100% cashmere and a streamlined collar.

Cashmere v-neck sweater,
$295 by Alex Mill

Norse Projects Relaxed tweed v-neck sweater

A cushy cotton/alpaca/merino blend that makes for a varied and textured surface. The collar is cut higher than most.

Relaxed tweed
v-neck sweater,
$395 by Norse Projects

Bronson Mfg. Co. USAAF mechanics v-neck sweater

This ruggedly handsome design is modeled after the sweater worn by mechanics during World War II.

USAAF mechanics
v-neck sweater,
$79.99 by Bronson Mfg. Co.

Sunflower Aske merino v-neck sweater

The lightweight and speckled surface of this merino sweater gives it a unique fit and feel.

Aske merino
v-neck sweater,
$249 by Sunflower



The Italian blend of mohair, wool and recycled nylon make this sweater soft and just fuzzy enough.

Plaid mohair v-neck sweater,
$298 by Noah

Story Mfg. Striped organic cotton v-neck sweater

This is entirely hand-knit from organic cotton in a loose, slouchy shape and finished with the label's handstitched emblem.

Striped organic cotton
v-neck sweater,
$545 by Story Mfg.

Stussy Mohair tennis v-neck sweater

Stüssy's take looks and feels like a genuine vintage sweater, with its chunky gauge mohair and sporty stripes at the collar and cuffs.

Mohair tennis
v-neck sweater,
$160 by Stüssy

Polo Ralph Lauren Glen plaid v-neck sweater

A sporty striped V-neck crowns this warm wool jacquard sweater in a dapper Glen Plaid pattern.

Glen plaid
v-neck sweater,
$398 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Marni Brushed mohair-blend v-neck sweater

Marni's famed mohair sweater has been knitted in Italy. It's finished with stripes at the collar and cuffs and it's been brushed for added texture.

Brushed mohair-blend
v-neck sweater,
$935 by Marni

Knickerbocker Alpaca wool v-neck sweater

Knit from a soft and lightweight alpaca wool blend, this subtle V-neck is finished with a gridded check pattern.

Alpaca wool
v-neck sweater,
$325 by Knickerbocker

Todd Snyder Mohair striped v-neck sweater

Knit with a graphic, mustard-and-espresso stripe right from the '70s, the mohair-and-wool blend has been brushed for an extra-fuzzy feel.

Mohair striped
v-neck sweater,
$468 By Todd Snyder

J. Press Shaggy Dog v-neck sweater

An Ivy Style icon, the brushed shetland wool Shaggy Dog now comes in a collegiate V-neck with a striped collar and hem.

Shaggy Dog
v-neck sweater, $295 by J. Press

How to
Care for It


After eight to 10 wearings, your knitwear will be in need of cleaning. Hand washing at home is actually the best way to preserve your sweater's softness and luster. In fact, dry cleaning can stiffen and damage wool fibers, especially cashmere.

Folded sweaters illustration


Knitted items naturally stretch out. Sometimes using a steamer is enough to contract the sweater back to its original shape. If your collar or cuffs have stretched and are not returning to their shape after washing, then dip the areas you want to shrink back in a bowl of hot (nearly boiling) water. Pull it out and lay it flat, reshaping as needed. Using a hairdryer, blow the sweater dry. The hot air works in combination with the hot water to solidify the new shape, shrinking that portion of sweater back to its original size.


Are you finding little fuzzy balls forming around the high-friction areas of your sweater? That's known as pilling. And you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. An old-school method is to sweep a pocket-size sweater comb across the knit surface—it snags any pills and picks them up. Wipe the removed pills off the comb and continue the grooming. A faster and more effective tool is a powered shaver. Run the shaver over the surface of the sweater (no pressure required), and it cleans up any errant fuzzies while vacuuming them into a built-in lint trap.

Boao Cashmere combs

Cashmere combs,
$6.99 by Boao

Slitz Rechargeable fabric shaver

fabric shaver,
$19.99 by Slitz


Always fold your sweaters, don't hang them. Organize them by thickness and then stack them with the thickest sweaters on the bottom of the pile. Don't stack them too high or you'll risk them falling. Four to five sweaters per stack is usually wise. This method allows you to quickly grab a sweater and go. And if you're concerned about moths, store them with fragrant cedar sachets. Our favorites are the Shaggy Dog bags from J. Press, which use natural American cedar.

What to Wear
Under It

Sweater with a classic undershirt

Classic Undershirt

Broken-in T-shirt,
$36.50 by J.Crew

Sweater with a collard shirt

Collared Shirt

Button-down Oxford,
$145 by Sid Mashburn

Sweater with an invisible undershirt

Invisible Undershirt

AIRism mesh undershirt,
$14.90 by UNIQLO

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