A Cooler Face Cover

Best bandana face coverings

A Cooler
Face Cover

The 12 best bandanas to sub-in for your face mask

It’s a fact of life in summer 2020: You’ve got to have a face covering. And while there are plenty of good face masks being sold these days, the humble bandana is a nice way to switch things up. After all, you don't want to wear the same kind of shirt day after day, right? A classic bandana is an easygoing way to cover your face, but it's also a versatile essential that always comes in handy. Think of it as the Leatherman tool of the style world. When you don't need it over your face, tie it around your neck to add a weightless layer to a simple T-shirt. Wrap it around your wrist, tuck it haphazardly into a pocket or roll and knot it around your head to keep your hair off of your face. And then, fingers crossed, when it's time to put the masks away, you'll still have a cool accessory you'll get plenty of use from.


The 12 Best Bandanas

Bandits The Good Fight Bandana

The Good Fight bandana,
$30 by Bandits

Drakes Hand-Rolled Paisley Bandana

Hand-rolled paisley bandana,
$135 by Drake's

Jenni Earle Be Brave Bandana

Be Brave bandana,
$32 by Jenni Earle

Filson Pioneer Bandana

Pioneer bandana,
$45 by Filson

Buck Mason Japanese Cotton Bandana

Japanese cotton bandana,
$25 by Buck Mason

REI Co-Op From the Sun Bandana

From the Sun bandana,
$7.95 by REI Co-Op

Hav-a-Hank Classic U.S.-Made Bandana

Classic U.S.-made bandana,
$2.50 by Hav-a-Hank

Grayers Tattoo Parlor Bandana

Tattoo parlor bandana,
$24 by Grayer's

Vintage European Polka Dots Bandana

European polka dots bandana,
$32 by Vintage

Wallace & Barnes Superfloral Colorfast Cotton Bandana

Superfloral Colorfast cotton bandana,
$18.50 by Wallace & Barnes

Hanks Kerchiefs x Snake Oil Provisions Bandana

Did you know Colin Hanks had a bandana line?

HK x Snake Oil Provisions bandana,
$32 by Hanks Kerchiefs

Levi's Baron Bandana

Baron bandana,
$14 by Levi's

Extra Filter

This bandana is made from a breathable and antimicrobial cotton fabric, embedded with a Inexshield nano fiber filter that helps block harmful airborne contaminants and irritants.

$30 by Inex Gear

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