Tough Tote Bags for Any Summer Adventure

Best men's tote bags

Tough Tote Bags for Any Summer Adventure

Tough Tote Bags for Any Summer Adventure

16 stylish carryalls to get your stuff from here to there

Summer is always a laidback time of year, but it’s also a time that requires us to lug around a lot gear. 2020 is no ordinary summer either. In addition to the requisite sunglasses and sunscreen, we've got pandemic essentials that have become everyday carry items. That means you need a bag—something simple and sturdy. A tote that can get you through a season's worth of impromptu picnics, weekend road trips and everyday errands.

The best totes are like a vintage Land Cruiser: utilitarian yet good looking with plenty of storage space. It's something you can rely on, which is a comforting thought in complicated times. And while you no doubt have a few freebie totes laying around the house, the ones here are built for the long haul. They'll hold everything you've got, no matter where you're headed over the next few months.


Best Tote Bags

Billykirk No. 540 Waxed Canvas Tote

No. 540 waxed canvas tote,
$155 by Billykirk

Herschel Supply Co. Alexander Zip Tote

Alexander zip tote,
$111.99 by Herschel Supply Co.

Stussy Travel Tote

Travel tote,
$60 by Stüssy

Filson x Nomar Mesh Go Tote

Mesh go tote,
$75 by Filson x Nomar

Battenwear Packable Tote

Packable tote,
$55 by Battenwear

Noah Expandable Mesh Tote

Expandable mesh tote,
$98 by Noah

It's over two-feet long!

Denim laundry tote,
$75 / $52.50 by Cleverly Laundry

Polo Ralph Lauren Ralph's Coffee Tote

Ralph's Coffee tote,
$25 by Polo Ralph Lauren

NEED Printed Tote

NEED printed tote,
$20 by Need Supply Co.

The New York Times Bull Denim Logo Tote

Bull denim logo tote,
$35 by The New York Times

Steele Denim Tote

Denim tote,
$85 / $72.25 by Steele

Sandqvist Roger Two-Way Tote

Roger two-way tote,
$170 by Sandqvist

Prospective Flow Sashiko Tote

Sashiko tote,
$98 by Prospective Flow

L.L.Bean Hunter's Tote

Hunter's tote,
$35 by L.L.Bean

Topo Designs Cinch Tote

Cinch tote,
$59 by Topo Designs

Onia Washed Canvas Tote

Washed canvas tote,
$135 by Onia

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