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Best men's camp collar shirts in 2022

A Breezy
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The camp collar shirt
never loses its chill

We’ve officially entered spring and you probably haven't done a proper overhaul of your closet yet—switching winter clothes out for your warmer ones—but maybe some fresh shirts can get the ball rolling. Warmer days have been peeking through a bit lately, spring break trips have been booked, so it's time to start thinking about some heat-resisting shirting.

The camp collar is the perfect go-with-the-flow shirt. It's synonymous with vacationing, but has been happily embraced by menswear enthusiasts for everyday wear. I know you're thinking to yourself, “I'm not new to this, I'm true to this,” and we couldn't agree more, but maybe it's time to refresh the camp collar shirts that are already in your closet.

Short-sleeve, long-sleeve and conversation-worthy patterns; there's a camp collar shirt for any style and situation. Whether you're going on spring break, a family cookout, or back into the office—the versatility of the shirt is immeasurable and styling it is key. From your favorite nylon shorts to some rugged fatigue pants, these shirts are surprisingly adaptable and can be paired with anything. Here, we've pulled together some of our current favorite camp-collared shirts. Whichever one you go with, we know you'll look the sharpest in the boardroom or on the beach.


The Best Men’s
Camp Collar Shirts in 2022

Bode Bordeaux Trellis Short-Sleeve Shirt

Bordeaux trellis short-sleeve shirt,
$430 by Bode

Albam Alternate Twill Vacation Shirt

Alternate twill vacation shirt,
$155 / $69 by Albam

Far Afield Stachio Shirt

Stachio shirt,
$140 by Far Afield

Todd Snyder Italian Long-Sleeve Camp Collar Shirt

Italian long-sleeve camp collar shirt,
$198 / $94 by Todd Snyder

Stussy Dice Pattern Shirt

Dice pattern shirt,
$145 by Stüssy

J.Crew Secret Wash Camp Collar Organic Cotton Poplin Shirt

Secret wash camp collar
organic cotton poplin shirt,
$89.50 by J.Crew

Sunspel Riviera Camp Collar Shirt

Riviera camp collar shirt,
$195 by Sunspel

Saturdays NYC Marco Plaid Flannel Shirt

Marco plaid flannel shirt,
$175 by Saturdays NYC

Carhartt WIP Gelder Stripe Shirt

Gelder stripe shirt,
$135 by Carhartt WIP

Abercrombie & Fitch Relaxed Performance Button-Up Shirt

Relaxed performance button-up shirt,
$60 / $48 by Abercrombie & Fitch

RRL Jacquard-Knit Camp Shirt

Jacquard-knit camp shirt,
$299 by RRL

Madewell Crinkle Cotton Easy Short-Sleeve Shirt

Crinkle cotton easy
short-sleeve shirt,
$72 by Madewell

3Sixteen Camp Shirt

Camp shirt,
$220 / $165 by 3Sixteen

Folk SS Soft Collar Shirt

SS soft collar shirt,
$165 by Folk

Stoffa Camp Shirt

Camp shirt,
$325 by Stòffa

NN07 Oliver 5776 Regular Cotton Blend Shirt

Oliver 5776 regular
cotton blend shirt,
$175 by NN07

Barena Stripe Vacation Shirt

Stripe vacation shirt,
$255 by Barena

Marni Organic Poplin and Corduroy Bowling Shirt

Organic poplin and corduroy
bowling shirt,
$550 by Marni

Corridor Striped Seersucker Shirt

Striped seersucker shirt,
$165 by Corridor

Needles C.O.B. Classic Shirt

C.O.B. classic shirt,
$456 by Needles


In the US, the camp collar also goes by ‘Cuban collar’, a nod to its roots first in 18th century South America, then the Caribbean, where it was worn by field-tilling farmworkers.

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