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Best men's print apparel in 2022 Best men's print apparel in 2022

for Bold

It’s time to embrace prints and patterns

Wearing prints can sometime take on a negative connotation of attention-seeking or dressing obnoxiously, but that's not always the case. There are a crazy number of prints ranging from floral to camo, and of course the good old fashioned stripes, but there are subtle ways to be quiet about styling loud prints.

Prints are synonymous with warm weather, which we don't disagree with, but you can wear them year around. Floral and paisley are usually worn in summer and spring whereas camo and plaid can be worn in the cooler months. You can break these unwritten rules by wearing any print during any season—the key is how they're styled.

If you're wearing busy patterns, use the “less is more” approach and never under any circumstances mix prints—if you look at the big fits from Paris fashion week, you'll see that one statement piece stands on its own. For example, if you're wearing a floral print on top, pair it with some chinos or light-colored denim to offset the look. If you're wearing a pattern on the bottom, throw on a simple shoe so there's no clashing between the two. We've pulled together some of our current favorite prints. Whichever style you go with, we guarantee you'll be the most stylish person in the room.


The Best Men’s
Prints in 2022

Saturdays NYC Tenkara Camp Shirt

Tenkara camp collar shirt,
$175 by Saturdays NYC

Todd Snyder Duck Camo Chino

Duck camo chino,
$228 by Todd Snyder

Profound Sleeveless Cardigan

Sleeveless cardigan,
$110 by Profound

Stan Ray SS Tour Shirt
Stan Ray SS Tour Shirt

SS tour shirt,
$130 / $66 by Stan Ray

Noah Corduroy Floral Shirt

Corduroy floral shirt,
$298 by Noah

J.Crew Short-Sleeve Camp-Collar Garment-Dyed Harbor Shirt

Short-sleeve camp-collar
garment-dyed harbor shirt,
$69.50 by J.Crew

3Sixteen CPO Shirt

CPO shirt,
$240 by 3Sixteen

Stussy Swirly S Silk Shirt

Swirly S silk shirt,
$180 by Stüssy

rag & bone Pursuit Rove Cotton Shirt

Pursuit rove cotton shirt,
$250 / $175 by rag & bone

Nudie Jeans Aron Reverse Faded Sun Shirt

Aron reverse faded sun shirt,
$160 by Nudie Jeans

Outerknown Blanket Shirt

Blanket shirt,
$148 by Outerknown

Stray Rats x Carhartt WIP Western Jacket

Western jacket,
$208 by Stray Rats x Carhartt WIP

18east Pionta Camp Shirt

Pionta camp shirt,
$135 by 18east

Alex Mill Mixed Striped Portuguese Poplin Shirt

Mixed striped Portuguese poplin shirt,
$135 by Alex Mill

Corridor Hand Crochet Pima Cardigan
Corridor Hand Crochet Pima Cardigan

Hand crochet pima cardigan,
$625 by Corridor

J. Press Madras Check Pipedstem Pant
J. Press Madras Check Pipedstem Pant

Madras check pipedstem pant,
$328 by J. Press

Engineered Garments Bowling Shirt

Bowling shirt,
$360 by Engineered Garments

Aries Persian Fleece Gilet

Persian fleece gilet,
$655 by Aries

Kiriko 6-Panel Purple Multi Kiku Cap

6-panel purple multi kiku cap,
$52 by Kiriko

Aime Leon Dore Jacquard Stripe Sweater

Jacquard stripe sweater,
$395 by Aimé Leon Dore

Camo illustration


The original camouflage patterns were hand painted by a team of fine artists who were enrolled as camoufleurs for the French army in WW1. They were enlisted as experts in concealment, and painted equipment and positions to blend in with the ground and sky.

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