A Cool Cardigan
Is a Boss Move

Best men's cardigan sweaters in 2023

A Cool Cardigan Is a Boss Move

The heavy-duty knit is a heavy-hitter all season

For as classic a reputation that the cardigan sweater has, it sure attracts a wide range of guys. Sure, it's a soft layer embraced by traditionalists (think Mr. Rogers and Logan Roy), but it's also the same sweater worn by guys like The Dude, Kurt Cobain and Tyler the Creator. In the pantheon of knitwear, the cardigan has an undeniable ability to take an otherwise standard outfit and turn it into a look worth of talking about.

How you wear a cardigan in 2023 (or 2024) is slightly different than in the past. These aren't simple, slim-fitting layers skimming a dress shirt. These are more boldly colored and richly textured—some feature statement-making prints and graphics. So treat your new cardigan like a flannel replacement and layer it over a lightweight T-shirt, push the sleeves up, and pair it with some nice work pants. Wear a big, chunky one over a denim shirt or a cozy oxford button-down with your favorite boots like a genuine tough guy. Go ahead and mix colors and prints. There's an easygoing elegance to wearing a cardigan—even if said sweater is loud and made to stand out. Make sure your cold-weather wardrobe has at least one good one—you'll get more use from it than you think.


The Best
for Men
in 2023

Drake's Lambswool shawl collar cardigan

Lambswool shawl collar cardigan,
$730 by Drake's

Buck Mason Herdsman wool cardigan

Herdsman wool cardigan,
$298 by Buck Mason

The shaggy dog sweater has been trusted for over 70 years. Made from hand-brushed Shetland wool, this will put a prep in your step and keep you well-insulated.

Shaggy dog cardigan,
$265 by J. Press

Percival Gradient bobcat cardigan
Percival Gradient bobcat cardigan

Gradient bobcat cardigan
$240 by Percival

Taylor Stitch Eddy cardigan

Eddy cardigan,
$188 by Taylor Stitch

BDG Nordic horse cardigan

Nordic horse cardigan,
$99 by BDG


Toast Wool/mohair cardigan

This high V-neck cardigan is knitted from a wool/mohair blend complemented with sturdy corozo buttons. Throw over a worn-in denim or fresh-pressed poplin shirt.

Wool/mohair cardigan,
$425 by Toast

A Kind of Guise Kura cardigan

Kura cardigan,
$290 by A Kind of Guise

Quince Mongolian cashmere cardigan
Quince Mongolian cashmere cardigan

Mongolian cashmere cardigan,
$188 / $89.90 by Quince

Norse Projects Adam merino lambswool cardigan
Norse Projects Adam merino lambswool cardigan

Adam merino lambswool cardigan,
$295 by Norse Projects

Ghiaia Cashmere Cable-knit cardigan

Cable-knit cardigan,
$655 by Ghiaia Cashmere

J.Crew Cashmere cable-knit cardigan

Cashmere cable-knit cardigan,
$358 by J.Crew


Beams Plus Fair isle jacquard cardigan

Fair isle jacquard cardigan,
$319 by Beams Plus

Sunspel Cable-knit cardigan

Cable-knit cardigan,
$525 by Sunspel

Madewell Fuzzy cardigan
Madewell Fuzzy cardigan

Fuzzy cardigan,
Madewell $108 by Madewell

You don’t see camo and wool together often, but Todd Snyder has done it. The double-knit material and four buttons ensures a durable yet refined modern look.

Camo mohair cardigan,
$498 by Todd Snyder

Polo Ralph Lauren Glen plaid wool cardigan

Glen plaid wool cardigan,
$298 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Reigning Champ Merino Harry cardigan

Merino Harry cardigan,
$170 by Reigning Champ

Abercrombie & Fitch Fuzzy cardigan

Fuzzy cardigan,
$90 by Abercrombie & Fitch

NN07 Bradley kimono cardigan

This cardigan features a ribbed, button-less placket spun from Italian yarn. NN07 has taken inspiration from the elegance and simplicity of the Japanese kimono to create a cardigan with a distinct and sophisticated style.

Bradley kimono cardigan,
$240 by NN07

Clean Your

While wool can help reduce the build-up of odor, it’s essential to note that the effectiveness of its antibacterial properties may vary depending on factors such as the type of wool, the weave of the fabric, and the specific conditions of use. Washing regularly and airing out woolen garments is vital for maintaining their freshness and longevity. After eight to ten wearings, your knitwear will be in need of a cleaning. Hand washing is actually the best way to preserve the look and feel. Here’s how to wash your sweaters at home.

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