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The Best
Crewneck Sweatshirts to Buy Right Now

Best men's crewneck sweatshirts in 2023

The Best Crewneck Sweatshirts to Buy Right Now

The wardrobe workhorse can be worn any way you want

Here’s what we love about menswear: Something can be at once utterly classic and yet thoroughly modern. Take the humble sweatshirt. It's one of those rare items that will eternally be in style. All American. Ruggedly masculine. But it can also change in ever so subtle ways, which end up making this timeless staple look altogether new and fresh. Right now, there's no wrong way to wear one.

A bonafide wardrobe staple, it's the kind of piece you can sport several days a week—and several days in a row. Why? Because it's made to take the abuse and will still look great even when slightly rumpled. Cozy and eternally cool, the old-school crewneck's enduring appeal is that it can be thrown on with everything from mesh shorts and jeans to cargos and wool dress pants and somehow look intentional and stylish. Of course, like all menswear classics, the devil is in the details.

Sweatshirts now come in a range of colors and silhouettes and the key to nailing the style in 2023 is to opt for a slightly neutral shade with a relaxed, boxy shape. The fuller the sleeves and more relaxed the collar (to show off the shirt underneath), the better. And the raglan sleeve is another “so old it's new again” style that we're feeling right now. Rather than having the standard seam at the end of your shoulder, these let the fabric flow straight from your sleeve into the collar. It's an old tailoring technique that makes for easier movements and it's been reimagined in the perfect proportions for today's taste in clothing. Now that you're itching for a new sweatshirt, we've taken the liberty of shopping for the best on the market right now.


The Best
Sweatshirts in 2023

Todd Snyder x Champion pocket crewneck sweatshirt
Todd Snyder x Champion pocket crewneck sweatshirt

Pocket crewneck sweatshirt,
$98 by Todd Snyder x Champion

Buck Mason Interloop crewneck sweatshirt

Interloop crewneck sweatshirt,
$98 by Buck Mason

J.Crew’s 14-ounce cotton-poly fleece crewneck has a brushed interior for extra softness and warmth.

Fleece crewneck sweatshirt,
$98 / $68.60 (w/code SHOPNOW) by J.Crew

Filson Prospector crewneck sweatshirt

Prospector crewneck sweatshirt,
$110 by Filson

Snow Peak Recycled crewneck sweatshirt

Recycled crewneck sweatshirt,
$119.95 by Snow Peak

Patagonia Mahnya fleece crewneck sweatshirt
Patagonia Mahnya fleece crewneck sweatshirt

Mahnya fleece crewneck sweatshirt,
$99 by Patagonia


Reigning Champ Crewneck sweatshirt
Reigning Champ Crewneck sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirt,
$125 by Reigning Champ

Gap Crewneck sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirt,
$49.95 / $30 by Gap

Russell Athletic Retro fleece crewneck sweatshirt

Retro fleece crewneck sweatshirt,
$28 by Russell Athletic

Satta Crewneck sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirt,
$120 / $93 by Satta

Lady White Co. Relaxed crewneck sweatshirt

Relaxed crewneck sweatshirt,
$175 by Lady White Co.

Made in Japan, these are painstakingly constructed the old fashioned way, on antique loopwheel knitting machines.

Loopwheel crewneck sweatshirt,
$185 by Real McCoy's


Madewell Drop-shoulder crewneck sweatshirt
Madewell Drop-shoulder crewneck sweatshirt

Drop-shoulder crewneck sweatshirt,
$79.50 by Madewell

Everlane Retrack crewneck sweatshirt

Retrack crewneck sweatshirt,
$88 / $62 by Everlane

For under $30, you won’t find a better sweatshirt. It’s 100% cotton and comes in a range of colors.

Classic crewneck sweatshirt,
$29.90 by UNIQLO

Noah Crewneck sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirt,
$158 by Noah

This American-made sweatshirt is garment-dyed for minimal shrinkage and for a lived-in feel.

Garment-dyed fleece
crewneck sweatshirt,
$72 by Los Angeles Apparel

Nanamica Crewneck sweatshirt
Nanamica Crewneck sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirt,
$298 by Nanamica

Nigel Cabourn Arrow crewneck sweatshirt

Arrow crewneck sweatshirt,
$110 by Nigel Cabourn

Outerknown Sur crewneck sweatshirt

Sur crewneck sweatshirt,
$98 by Outerknown

French terry fabric

Where did French
Terry come from?

French terry comes from the French verb “tirer”, meaning “to pull”. Factories created a technique in the mid-1800s where they pulled long knots of silk through thick, woven pieces of cloth to become terry fabric. The loops on the inner side of the fabric provided added cushioning, improved breathability and absorbed moisture.

What’s the deal
with that ‘V’?

Sweatshirt v collar illustration

We asked Mister Freedom’s Christophe Loiron, a noted vintage aficionado, about it and he, of course, had the answer for us. “Most early American sweatshirts had a ‘double V’ neck construction on both the front and the back of the neck. That small V patch was made from a double layer of ribbed cotton to act like a sponge, to soak up sweat. The reinforcement also controlled the stretch of the neck when the garment was pulled over the head. On later sweatshirts, the ‘V’ is still there, but it’s usually a single layer of ribbed cotton stitched to the fleece. By the ’60s, it became a flat overlock stitch on the collar, just for decoration.”

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