The Best
Drawstring Pants to Wear Right Now

Best men's drawstring pants in 2023

The Best Drawstring Pants to Wear Right Now

Take it easy, without sacrificing any style

Whenever the weather is sweltering hot, sometimes you can't be bothered with jeans, let alone stiff dress pants. And who wants to be weighed down with a belt? Drawstring trousers are the easy answer to solve your summertime style angst. Easygoing and non-constrictive, the hybrid designs have become ever more popular in our hybrid working landscape because they always look way more polished than they feel.

If you've been on the fence, we get it. For a while, they were a little too associated with the athleisure boom. I've only recently hopped back on the elasticated drawstring bandwagon. There was some slight hesitance because I remember guys wearing a little too-tight elastic ankle joggers in the mid-aughts with Gel-Lyte Asics, and that's a trend I'm happy to see in the rearview. But times have changed. Today's best styles have a more relaxed leg opening and are cut from lightweight materials like nylon, linen and seersucker. Dress them up as needed—you wouldn't wear them with a tie, but they're perfect with professional basics like knit polos, oxford cloth button-downs, camp collars and luxe tees. When it comes to fit, don't be afraid to go up a size. The beauty of these pants is that you can cinch them at the waist and a little extra room keeps them nice and airy. As for the best styles, we've pulled over a dozen for you to choose from before summer comes to an end.


The Best Men’s
Drawstring Pants
in 2023

Todd Snyder Seersucker Madison drawstring pant

Seersucker Madison drawstring pant,
$248 by Todd Snyder

Dockers x Transnomadica Pull-on pant

These pull-on pants have been replicated from Dockers’s original 1985 khakis.

Pull-on pant,
$180 by Dockers x Transnomadica

Stussy NYCO trouser

NYCO trouser,
$180 by Stüssy

Percival Everyday trouser
Percival Everyday trouser

Everyday trouser,
$165 / $115 by Percival

Abercrombie & Fitch Linen-blend utility pull-on pant

utility pull-on pant,
$80 / $56 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Universal Works Hi water trouser

Hi water trouser,
$234 by Universal Works


L.L. Bean Dock pant

Dock pant,
$79 by L.L. Bean

Save Khaki United Overdyed seersucker easy chino

Overdyed seersucker easy chino,
$150 by Save Khaki United

3sixteen Drawstring pant
3sixteen Drawstring pant

Drawstring pant,
$220 / $110 by 3sixteen

Hartford Fatigue cotton drawstring trouser

Fatigue cotton drawstring trouser,
$145 by Hartford

NN07 Keith recycled wool blend pant

Keith recycled
wool blend pant,
$265 / $186 by NN07

Satta Kai pant

Kai pant,
$175 by Satta

Alex Mill pull-on pant

Pull-on pant,
$145 by Alex Mill

Frame Traveler pant

Traveler pant,
$248 by Frame


Drawstring pants can be worn in the office, and these are proof. They have a formal look, but with a lounge-like function.

Band pant,
$230 by Lady White Co.

18 East Benny hiking pant

Benny hiking pant,
$165 by 18 East

TOAST Alfie herringbone pant

Alfie herringbone pant,
$315 by TOAST

Nigel Cabourn Nanga air cloth pant

Nanga air cloth pant,
$121 by Nigel Cabourn

Standard Issue Slacker poplin pant

Slacker poplin pant,
$110 by Standard Issue

imogene + willie Ventura chore pant
imogene + willie Ventura chore pant

Ventura chore pant,
$165 by imogene + willie


This was the year Alexander Simpson, a London tailor, removed the need for belts or suspenders by introducing the elastic waistband in men’s trousers.

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