Match Point

Todd Snyder Linen Cotton Bahama Shirt and Shorts Todd Snyder Linen Cotton Bahama Shirt and Shorts


Why coordinated sets
are suddenly everywhere

Linen cotton Bahama shirt, $198
and shorts, $168 by Todd Snyder

Every now and then, a trend will come along that makes you do a double take. In the case of this summer, matching short sets do it quite literally. These coordinated shorts and shirts offer an easygoing retro resort look, but they're not for shy guys. These often-bold printed sets make a statement—something like “it's summer, damnit and where's my cocktail?”

Like so many moves in menswear, it's a look that's been revived from the past, but reimagined for the guys of today. Earlier iterations might've been spotted on athletes like John McEnroe or Sean Connery's James Bond. And today's sets give off the same casual coolness for modern risk-takers like Maluma. “I feel it's like the man's suit for the summer,” says Oliver Cheshire, the model and founder of resortwear brand Ché Studios. “It just works and is a very easy option for looking put together.” Sure, you could just buy one piece or break them up and wear them separately, but why not embrace the effortlessness and kill two birds with one stone?


Best Matching Sets

Alex Mill Camp Shirt

Camp shirt,
$85 by Alex Mill

Alex Mill Saturday Shorts

Saturday shorts,
$88 by Alex Mill

Saturday shorts,
$88 by Alex Mill

Daily Paper Striped Reseer Shirt and Shorts

Striped reseer shirt, $104
and shorts, $81 by Daily Paper

Todd Snyder Camp Collar Shirt

Camp collar shirt,
$158 by Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Weekend Shorts

Weekend shorts,
$148 by Todd Snyder

Weekend shorts,
$148 by Todd Snyder

President's Psycho Flower Shirt and Shorts

Psycho flower shirt, $252
and shorts, $230 by President's

A note
on fit

Go for a slightly looser, more relaxed fit. Too tight and it’ll look like you’re wearing a romper. But not too baggy or boxy, as it can fall into pajama territory.


PJ shirt,
$325 by BTFL

BTFL PJ Shorts

PJ shorts,
$310 by BTFL

PJ shorts,
$310 by BTFL

John Elliott Bowling Shirt and Mountain Shorts

Bowling shirt, $298 / $224
and mountain shorts, $328 / $246 by John Elliott

Che Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban collar shirt,
$97 by Ché

Che Baller Shorts

Baller shorts,
$145 by Ché

Baller shorts,
$145 by Ché

Reiss Neoprene T-Shirt and Striped Jersey Shorts

Neoprene T-shirt, $180
and striped jersey shorts, $160 / $110 by Reiss

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