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How to Naturally Boost Your Energy

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Back in March, Reuters shared that Americans are drinking more coffee than they have in nearly a decade. We're busier than ever before and our overly-connected lifestyles mean that we're accessible 24/7. So of course, we look for any advantage we can get in order to ride that extra wave of energy to help us finish our day strong.

Coffee is a great and obvious start. It's readily available but after building up a little tolerance, it's time to take a break and reset with a more natural energy boost. There are plenty of dubious convenience store options out there—and they usually come in bright 24-ounce cans—but step away from the heart-pounding energy drinks and FDA-pending workout supplements and try these alternatives for a jolt of energy when you need it most.

Bradley Cooper in Limitless

Follow these suggestions for a shot of energy akin to Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

Beats Per Minute

Spotify already has tons of curated playlists to supply late afternoon energy or get you in the right mind frame to be productive based on your mood or activity. Copy an existing one into your library, save it as a new personal playlist, then edit it with a few of your favorites so you've got a set list tailored for every mood and situation.

Plain Old Water

If you clocked the recommended eight hours of sleep, that's a long time to go without water. You wouldn't do that when you're awake, so catch up immediately when you get up. Water throughout the day boosts energy and improves overall mood. If you've been sitting 90 minutes, make sure to stand up, get your blood flowing and refill. Keep a water bottle handy in order to stay properly hydrated.

Green Tea

It's all too tempting to grab a soda or second (or fourth) cup of coffee in the afternoon for that extra jolt. The problem is that it's going to dehydrate you while leaving your teeth one shade darker. Green tea has been shown to naturally boost energy while aiding in digestion and has been linked to long-term heart benefits while offering just as much caffeine as coffee.

B12 and Iron

Yes, we've given you the vitamin primer, but if you're looking specifically for energy look no further than B12 and Iron—both of which can be found in any multivitamin. B12 converts your food into energy more efficiently and both elements help improve your red blood cells so that oxygen can flow through your body, which is even more important for vegetarians who may be missing these from their diets since cutting out meat.

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If you're full and tired of drinking, simply smelling is enough to lift your mood and help you power through a long day or night. Incense and burning sticks are a great alternative to a candle and you don't need to worry about burning through them all in one sitting. Citrus has been shown to improve moods and will freshen up your room in the meantime.

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A Chilled Washcloth

If you've worked out at one of the finer gyms, then you know nothing feels better after a grueling workout than a fresh chilled washcloth. And thankfully you don't have to join a gym to enjoy one. Just make one at home. Invest in a few plush washcloths (don't use them for anything else) and submerge them into a bowl of cold water that's been infused with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Then wring out, roll them up and refrigerate until you're ready to be revived.

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A Natural Wakeup

Mornings are tough, especially in the winter. But this illuminated alarm clock can help. Wake up more refreshed without the jarring alarm from your phone sitting on your night stand by allowing light to naturally fill the room to ease you into your day.

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