If you're reading this at your desk or on your phone, chances are, you're bending toward the screen and your posture could be better. Pull your head back in line with the rest of your body and then shift your shoulders back. Now breathe in ... feel that? Nice right? Plainly put, improve your posture and you improve your life. First, standing straight makes you taller and because your shoulders are pulled back, they look broader and your waist looks slimmer. You appear more confident and powerful. But you don't just look better, you physically feel better too. That's because when your head, neck and spine are appropriately positioned, the muscles, bones and joints that support them aren't strained. Which means it's easier to breathe and to move. You'll also notice less stiffness and fewer headaches. All you need to do is a few quick and easy exercises throughout the day to realign your spine. In no time, your body will fall in line naturally.