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Day 2

Develop Healthy Habits

Words by Ben Mercer

Healthy habits

As we settle into the routines of the new year, it's time to take stock of your 2022 health goals. Loads of us make resolutions at the turn of the year—usually fitness related—and being a honest, motivated bunch, we think we can make this one stick.

Often though, despite the best of intentions, we don't manage it. I'm sure you've heard the statistics: Only 8% of resolutions succeed and most people fail within the confines of January. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, suggests making an agreement with yourself called an implementation intention. This goes along the lines of:

I will [behavior] at [time] in [location].

Healthy habits


You can even calendar this in to make sure you've blocked the time out. I find that this strategy works really well if you don't necessarily schedule a time but use a touchstone in your day that is always there, like brushing your teeth or making coffee. Then you don't have the excuse of time getting away from you, keeping you flexible with your timings but on track to achieving your habit goals.

BJ Fogg, the Stanford professor who created the Tiny Habits method, advocates making your behavior change as small as possible so it's easy for you to do and avoids the inertia we experience around starting. Just do one pushup or one stretch, then start increasing your implementation.

Here, to aid those of you that need a little boost, are a few solutions that are easily applied, won't take much time and don't require much gear. It's time to make 2020 a year where you make your healthy habits consistent.


The App

MoveWell is a new app from endurance athlete Joel Runyon, aimed to help out those who know they should address their flexibility but need a bit of support. You choose the area in need of the most help. If you want to warm up for a workout, there's a routine for that. Feeling a bit sore in your lower back? He's got you covered. Routines are less than 15 minutes long, target different areas or activities and are being constantly updated.

Free (with in-app purchases) for iOS,
by MoveWell

The Tool

Percussive therapy guns are perfect if you know the importance of massage and tissue manipulation, but don't have the time or the recurring cash to get a therapist. The quicker you can soothe sore muscles, the easier it will be to stay consistent with workouts. Plus, these guns are a cool piece of gear you get to shoot yourself with while pretending you're an NBA player. Sure they're pricey, but they're a solid investment. And while TheraGun's signature model is an excellent option, Lyric's gun has become a gym favorite due to its long-lasting battery, self-guided programs and near silent operation.

Lyric massager, $99.99 / $79.99
and TheraGun Elite massager, $399

The Method

Calisthenic Skills is an amazing new resource that walks you through developing bodyweight movement skills, from novice to expert level. It's perfect for time crunched characters who want to sneak in a workout at home or in their hotel room because it requires no equipment. Their "workout generator" creates custom workouts, across a variety of different formats, all based on your current progress. Did I mention that it's free?

Sign-up at
Calisthenics Skills

The Shoes

Honestly, Nike's Metcon has been our go-to gym sneaker for years. And it just keeps getting better. The cross-trainer has great support, it's well balanced and it's practically indestructible. Plus, the Metcon is about as versatile as a training sneaker can get. And version 7 improves the all-around shoe by boosting breathability and comfort, with a roomier toe box and a new mesh layer. Plus, a tab locks down your laces so you can forget about them coming untied when you're focused on your next PR.

Metcon 7 sneakers,
$130 by Nike

The Gym Pants

These technical track pants from Melbourne-based 2XU are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while being able to take on any movement. You can be hammering out the calisthenics or just jogging across your neighborhood to pick up some pour-overs, these will keep you breezy and looking good. Plus, the quick-drying fabric is lightweight and breathable to help prevent odors, making these the only gym pants you need to pack for travel.

Light Speed Jogger pant,
$109.95 by 2XU


Jumping rope is an amazing cardio workout and can be done anywhere. Grab a rope and you’ll be double-undering in no time.