For years, if you wanted to add some spice to your meal and foodie cred to your fridge door, that green-capped bottle of Sriracha was your go-to. And while that likely isn't changing anytime soon, there's a new kid gaining steam with chefs and food lovers and it's a whole lot sweeter. Hot honey.  Trust us, if you thought Sriracha had 101 uses, just wait until you start drizzling this chili pepper-infused honey on everything from pizza and ribs to vanilla ice cream and fruit. If Sriracha boasts a tongue scorching heat and garlicky bite, then hot honey offers a subtle, seductive, slower burn. Made in small batches, often from raw honey, the pepper's fire is subdued by the sweetness, leaving only a hint of heat. Which is why you'll never want to be without this versatile amber nectar again.