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Shower Thoughts


They’re not all winners, but Reddit’s constantly updated list has some real gems now and then

Shower thoughts

“We live in an age that takes nothing serious but everything personal.”

- Geoffgeff

“Car companies brag about winning awards that no one knows about, or really cares for.”

- Choiceofart

“Sometimes we’re stressed while relaxing because we aren’t working on what makes us stressed, yet we continue trying to relax because we’re stressed.”

- hmm_yes_

“You know you’re getting old and out of touch when the first time you hear of a popular musician is when they die.”

- BreatheMyStink

“You can’t dope to win the Olympics, but you can use auto tune to win a Grammy.”

- pauls1997

“Ships are the only mode of transportation that carry smaller versions of themselves for emergencies.”

- Moose_Nuts

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