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Shower Thoughts


They’re not all winners, but Reddit’s constantly updated list has some real gems now and then

Shower thoughts

“The idea that ‘shaving facial hair makes it grow back thicker’ was probably made up by parents to convince their sons to shave off the embarrassing puberty ’stache.”

- Nova_Spion

“Introverts aren’t anti-social, they’re pro-solitude.”

- step6666

“Watching paint dry on a microscopic scale would ironically be very interesting.”

- ShotgunJib

“The simple act of pressing a button didn’t exist for most of humanity’s existence.”

- C-Ron

“‘Rock, paper, scissors’ is technically gambling as the game is luck-based and used to solve disputes.”

- eggcrack174

“People ask you what’s your favorite number, but never ask what’s your favorite letter.”

- j_h4n5

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