Shower Thoughts


They’re not all winners, but Reddit’s constantly updated list has some real gems now and then

Shower thoughts

“It’s highly probable that someone has your dream job and absolutely despises it.”

- Stonewalled89

“Maybe the urinals were invented when a tall guy walked by a sink and thought ‘why not?’”

- ritzz2_0

“If Mario jumped into a pool of coins they would just disappear and he would hit the ground.”

- _DragonBlade_

“Whoever decided to spell ‘Wednesday’ the way that it is was a jerk.”

- Drummerboy860

“Airports need to have small gym setups for weight lifting, yoga, etc. With the amount of waiting and sitting that takes place, 30 minutes of movement would go a long way.”

- crystal_castle00

“Wearing pants but no shirt feels and is fine, but a shirt and no pants is horrible and feels disgusting.”

- Mr-Low-Quality

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