Shower Thoughts


They’re not all winners, but Reddit’s constantly updated list has some real gems now and then

Shower thoughts

“Seems like your big toe’s main function is to make sure all your furniture stays in the correct spot at all times.”

- GodlikeRogue

“If we had to dump our own household trash in our backyard for one week, we would seriously reconsider our own impact of environmental waste.”

- NewWorldByAtticus

“The greatest barber will never receive the greatest haircut.”

- ElectriconRdQn2718

“Once you notice that all coffee cups on TV are empty, it becomes impossible to unsee it.”

- PeteyMitch42

“Given how common it is, it’s surprising there’s no symbol for ‘the.’”

- CatfishNev

“9:00 pm doesn’t feel too late, but 21:00 feels really late.”

- wirecats

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