Shower Thoughts


They’re not all winners, but Reddit’s constantly updated list has some real gems now and then

Shower thoughts

“Reese’s is the Taco Bell of the candy world. The same key ingredients packaged 50 different ways but nobody’s mad about it.”

- saltshaft

“Cooking is, for the most part, making hard things soft and soft things hard by heating them up.”

- Tahoma-sans

“Spider-Man almost certainly has ‘auto-rotate’ turned off on his phone.”

- Mile_High_Hoosier

“Tortilla chips always have a window in the bag so you can see the chip but potato chips don’t.”

- A_Legendary_Medic

“Rock (fistbump), paper (high five) and scissors (peace sign) are all forms of greeting.”

- Vaenyr

“It is kind of ironic we chose the most easily breakable finger (pinky) to use to seal a promise.”

- adidaman

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