What Valet. Readers Bought
the Most in February

10 covetable products that made our readers *add to cart* over the past 28 days

Most popular products on Valet. in February 2023 Most popular products on Valet. in February 2023

Each month, there are a lot of products featured on Valet. From high-end splurges and luxurious investment pieces to more affordable, everyday items. Which ones were the most popular with you, the reader? We looked over the data and crunched the numbers. Herewith, the ten pieces our readers clicked on and bought the most over the past 28 days. Do any of these ring a bell?

This T-shirt from Muji has become something of a menswear insider favorite because of it's heavy cotton construction and old school details. Leave it to a Japanese brand to get all the details just right.”

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$19.90 by Muji

A thick, machine washable waffle-knit stitch adds weight and texture ... so this could be worn as a main layer during the cooler evenings come Spring.”


Truly stylish interiors utilize the big impact small lamps make. These little pockets of light help delineate spaces and create texture within a room.”

Salicylic acid is like a broom for large, gunked-up pores; loosening the debris they can hide. Meanwhile, green tea helps keep redness and irritation in check. Clearer, smoother skin is just around the bend.”

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$17 by Current State


SeaVees has produced a stylish rubber pair from recycled materials featuring a chunky heel and a pull tab, a comfortable soft knit lining, and they're weather-resistant.”

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$80 by SeaVees

I'll have three to four of each color of our tubular T-shirts in various states of wear and two to three of each color of our oxford cloth button-down shirts at the ready.”


There's a light crop and taper to the waist, which instantly gives you a sexy badass look. Then there's the fact that it's made from a buttery smooth, vegan leather that looks and feels like the real thing.”

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$180 by Carb

A fleece is comfortable, yes, but it is also something that you don't have to think about—throw one on with a pair of sweats, chinos or jeans, and you're out the door.”

Who said that to find something nice you have to spend a lot? This cool water bottle has an affixed toggle for easy retrieval.”

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“20 Under $20”

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$18 by Earth\Studies

With dual programs for resting and rising, it has a number of other features that aim to help you get better quality sleep while removing all the stress from waking up.”

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$199.99 by Hatch

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