The Brands to
Watch in 2024

Best new menswear brands in 2024 Best new menswear brands in 2024

The Brands
to Watch in 2024

The eight labels you’ll want to wear this year

Stumbling upon a new clothing label is like hearing a new musical artist. It feels like a personal relationship too good to let everyone in on—but you know more people need to know about them to succeed. Besides, gatekeeping is so 2023. Isn't it more satisfying to be the one who shares a discovery with your friends and coworkers?

There's no telling where you might uncover a new brand or style today. Maybe you heard about a new label courtesy of your favorite TikToker or learned from your favorite menswear news source (ahem!) that an American company is suddenly starting to make waves. What's important is now you know, and you're ready to try something new and enjoy the bragging rights that come with it. And there are certainly no rules insisting that your discovery has to be ultra expensive or from some exotic locale. Regional and far-out finds both have fulfilling qualities and can impress the same. So we gathered our favorite breakout or emerging labels worth paying attention to as 2024 kicks into gear.


Menswear Brands
to Watch in 2024


Copenhagen-based Sunflower is quickly establishing itself as a destination for understated menswear classics at an affordable price. The label places importance on the production techniques, with a claim on sourcing the finest grade fabrics and construction by skilled artisans while boosting technical innovation. Sunflower's denim is the brand's signature; however, their suits come in flattering cuts and fabrics with mall brand prices.

DB blazer,
$498 by Sunflower


Oliver Dannefalk and Carl Pers of Swedish brand Rubato put their spin on Ivy, only in a more refined, Scandinavian view. They created their label on the foundation of making a perfect sweater and built the brand gradually since then. From their officer chinos to modern V-neck sweaters, the label proves you don't need hedonistic amounts of clothes—only the right ones.

Firemans jacket,
$1,080 by Rubato

Academy by
Chris Echevarria

Academy by Chris Echevarria (who you might know as the founder of Blackstock & Weber) pulls inspiration from his days at a private school in New Jersey. Yes, there are crest-embroidered rugby polos and varsity font logo crewnecks, but the collection is anything but preparatory. The label's Balmacaan jacket uses the same buttons from Scott Sternberg's days with Band of Outsiders (RIP), and the schoolboy blazers are reminiscent of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Stash pant,
$295 by Academy by Chris Echevarria


William Frederick

William McNicol founded William Frederick in 2018, and the brand designs and manufactures everything in Cleveland, Ohio. His collections are unisex, leaning into pared-down designs with luxe fabrics and well-fitting silhouettes. If you've been liking Evan Kinori lately, William Frederick shares a similar aesthetic. The neutral hues of chore coats and muted elasticated pants allow each season to blend into the next, offering a timeless wardrobe.

Cafe jacket,
$395 by William Frederick


Designer Toshiaki Watanabe founded Cottle in 2015 after graduating from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, but it's now getting more recognition stateside. Everything is designed in-house, from ideation to production. The brand is Western workwear; however, it adds its flavor with Japanese techniques and textiles. From their intricately woven patchwork denim to their naturally sourced dyes—you can see and feel each garment has been thoughtfully created and can turn into a heirloom piece.

C.T.L. standard denim,
$1,320 by Cottle


South Korean fashion brand FrizmWORKS focuses on the details, fit and quality fabrics. Their name emanates from “freeze” and “prism”, expressing a devotion to capturing the many colors of the world. From their quilted parkas and fleece hiking pants to their oversized bouclé hoodie—the label is the perfect option for a laid-back contemporary look.

Wave bouclé knit hoody,
$128 / $89.60 by FrizmWORKS

*Not New,
But Worth a Watch


Last year was a resurgence for mall brands, and Madewell made the most notable waves in the menswear pool. Spearheaded by head of men's design Luke Linder (formerly of Gap) and menswear mavens Aaron Levine and Jon Tietz, Madewell gave men a reason to venture into the mall again and dodge those kiosk carts in order to cop some double-breasted Italian-made topcoats. The label's foundation is denim; however, there were some standout staples like their pleated cargo pants and oversized zip hoodies. The fellas have found the right ingredients to get guys interested in legacy mall brands again, evident in their affordable prices, quality fit and sumptuous fabrics.

Brushed easy shirt,
$118 by Madewell

Ten Thousand

There aren't too many activewear brands that sweat the details while nailing modern style quite like Ten Thousand. From their odor-resistant fabrics and sweat-wicking performance wear, it's easy to see why guys gravitate towards the label. Their versatile shirts and interval shorts are the brand's bestsellers, thanks to their functionality and comfortability. They've been building a supportive exercise community through collaborations that inspire you to exercise and offer a more inclusive approach to getting up and moving.

Mid-weight tech jacket,
$194 by Ten Thousand

Hot Tip for
Staying Current

Check your favorite brand's stockist list. Small independent menswear shops that carefully curate excellent shopping experiences are a perfect gateway for discovering new brands. Some even have a newsletter, which is a great way to gain product knowledge and be in the loop about what labels are on the rise.

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