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Take Your Best Shot

There's no doubt that we're all taking a ton of photos these days. But we're not doing it on a point-and-shoot or even that expensive DSLR (which doesn't get brought out as much as we thought it might). We're snapping most photos on the one device that's never out of reach: our phones. Herewith, the best apps for shooting, editing and sharing your shots.


This is one of the pricier camera apps, but it's chock full of functionality for techy types and photophiles. There's a live histogram display (so you can evaluate exposure), 36 filters, an adjustable self-timer, a useful "night mode" option and a RapidFire burst that shoots three frames per second. Oh, and it also shoots quality video and serves as a QR code reader.

$3, for iOS


A first-class photo editing app for free? And available on both iOS and Android devices? It's true. Snapseed's strengths lie in its ability to enhance and sharpen the fundamental elements of a photo, using tools like the "Selective Adjust" to change specific areas in a photo or simply tapping "Auto Correct" to tune the whole thing.

Free, for Android and iOS

Camera Zoom FX

This has long been the top camera app in Google's Play store, and for good reason. The intuitive interface puts shooting modes and compositional aids within easy reach and it boasts a full editing suite. And as if made for snapping selfies, there's a stabilizing anti-shake option, a voice-activated shutter and easy sharing tools.

$3, for Android


While this isn't the app for people who need tons of filters, it does allow for stunning results. Subtle filters and increased control (like separate focus/exposure rings and a white balance lock) make for elegant photos that don't look like they were shot on a phone. Plus, you can export your images in high resolution without losing any quality.

Free, for iOS

    B&W Only: Pacific Helm's Camera Noir app does one thing and does it well:
    beautiful, high-contrast black-and-white photography. ($2, for iOS)








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