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Old School Favorites

What can we say? We're suckers for good looking throwback gear, especially ones that make an outdoor event a little cooler by adding some heirloom appeal. We especially appreciate the subtle details like Schoolhouse Electric's built-in bottle opener and Coleman's sturdy stainless steel latch. The bonus is that both retro ice chests do their job well.

Stay Cool

It could be said that come summer, an ice-cold drink is an essential component to a good time. So get a good cooler, keep it stocked and keep it chilled. Nothing brings down an outdoor party like fishing around an almost empty cooler and pulling out a beverage that's a few minutes away from being lukewarm. Here are five tried-and-tested coolers to keep your drinks (and more) cool all summer long.

Best for All-Day Events

This sturdy 20.8 gallon open-top cooler can easily accommodate a full keg or nearly 100 cans, all with plenty of room for ice.  Two inches of pressure-injected insulation guarantees ice-cold brews all day and night.

Yeti, $250

    How to Properly Pack a Cooler:
    Our resident tailgating expert has passed on the best technique to maximize space in your cooler and an age-old trick for fast, near-freezing refreshment.
Personal & Portable

Designed like your average backpack, this lightweight and collapsable bag is divided into a mesh upper section for standard items and a lower, leak-proof insulated compartment for food and drinks. Whether you're hiking up a hilltop for a picnic or simply bringing along some refreshments on a bike ride or kayak trip, this has you covered.

Bring on the Abuse

Whether tossed off the back of a truck or dragged down to the perfect fishing spot, this ruggedly constructed beast can take it. Ideal for weekend trips, it will keep your food and drinks cold for up to five days in 90°F heat. The oversized metal latch endures repeated use and the wide bolted-through handles refuse to pull off.

Igloo, $90









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