The Lightweight Button-Down You Need Now

Best men's poplin button-down shirts in 2023

The Lightweight Button-Down You Need Now

The poplin shirt is the oxford’s cooler, smoother cousin

I love my oxford shirts, and my closet is full of them, but for summer, I've had to give them a break and pull out my poplins. To the untrained eye, they may seem the same, but there are a few key differences. And while some associate poplins with stripes or some wacky prints, that's not always the case. Especially these days. It all comes down to the fabric—unlike the textured oxford cloth, poplin fabric uses a simple over-under weave. The yarns tend to be finer, and the weave is tighter, yielding a fabric with a smooth, crisp texture. It's soft, cool to the touch and drapes well against the body.

A bonafide classic, a white poplin shirt is what Sean Connery's Bond wore under his suits and what Don Draper buttoned up in every episode of Mad Men. Most guys have one in their closets, but styling poplins today is what makes this staple feel so fresh. Although wearing them with chinos and suits is timeless, try sizing up to make the fabric a bit more more billowy. If you're going to go loose up top, make sure you have something a bit more tapered to create even proportions on the bottom. A go-to companion to the poplin is the A-tank—rock them underneath to help absorb sweat or as a light layer to flex that collarbone. But don't be afraid to go straight bare-chest with your poplins. It's the ultimate summer vibe, and they drape so well. You're guaranteed to feel the breeze, which isn't bad whenever it's 90 degrees. We've rounded up some of the best options that run the gamut in terms of sleeve length and price point. Take your pick, and remember to leave the top three buttons undone, but no more. We don't condone down to the naval.


The Best
Men’s Poplins in 2023

Officine Generale Eren camp collar poplin shirt
Officine Generale Eren camp collar poplin shirt

Eren camp collar poplin shirt,
$195 by Officine Générale

Drake's Bengal stripe poplin shirt

Bengal stripe poplin shirt,
$275 by Drake's

Aspesi Striped poplin shirt

Striped poplin shirt,
$260 / $156 by Aspesi

Todd Snyder Favorite poplin shirt

Favorite poplin shirt,
$148 by Todd Snyder

Madewell Easy poplin shirt

Easy poplin shirt,
$59.99 / $30.99 (w/code HOTDEAL)
by Madewell

Alex Mill’s poplin has an easy, relaxed fit with paper-thin fabric that looks even better a bit wrinkled.

Short-sleeve poplin shirt,
$120 by Alex Mill


Everlane Short-sleeve poplin shirt
Everlane Short-sleeve poplin shirt

Short-sleeve poplin shirt,
$78 by Everlane

Polo Ralph Lauren Striped poplin shirt

Striped poplin shirt,
$148 by Polo Ralph Lauren

Sunspel Lightweight poplin shirt

Lightweight poplin shirt,
$225 by Sunspel

J.Crew Secret wash poplin shirt

Secret wash poplin shirt,
$89.50 by J.Crew

NN07 Max 5287 poplin shirt

Max 5287 poplin shirt,
$220 / $154 by NN07

Ghiaia Cashmere Striped poplin shirt
Ghiaia Cashmere Striped poplin shirt

Striped poplin shirt,
$295 by Ghiaia Cashmere


Stoffa Spread collar poplin shirt
Stoffa Spread collar poplin shirt

Spread collar poplin shirt,
$550 by StÒffa

Engineered Garments Poplin work shirt

Poplin work shirt,
$252 / $126 by Engineered Garments

Sid Mashburn Western poplin shirt

The Western shirt silhouette isn’t usually seen in a poplin; however, Sid Mashburn has achieved this.

Western poplin shirt,
$250 by Sid Mashburn

Studio Nicholson Keble poplin shirt

Keble poplin shirt,
$385 by Studio Nicholson

Frame Classic poplin shirt

Classic poplin shirt,
$198 by Frame

The Row Short-sleeve poplin shirt
The Row Short-sleeve poplin shirt

Short-sleeve poplin shirt,
$890 by The Row

ASKET’s poplin is a classic dress shirt that’s been updated with 100% Supima cotton to keep you dry all day.

Organic cotton poplin shirt,
$170 by ASKET

Save Khaki United Standard poplin shirt

Standard poplin shirt,
$160 by Save Khaki United


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