Keep Your Cool

Cold drinks are never more important than during the throes of summer. So make sure you're prepared with plenty of ice and a good cooler. And pack it properly. After all, no matter where you're heading, some of your most precious cargo can be found in the cooler. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality ice chest and if you've got the time, consider pre-chilling it. Add some ice the day before and keep it in a cool place. That way, on the day you use it, the new ice won't melt as fast, ensuring the cooler and your drinks stay cold for longer.


The Heirloom



Crafted from solid steel with a sturdy latch and rubber-gripped handles, this rustproof, leak-resistant Coleman is an American classic you'll be able to keep for life.

Coleman, $78.95


Day at the Beach



Compact, easy to carry and cheap to boot, this simple picnic essential makes for the perfect cooler for a day by the water, when you just want to keep a few beers cold.

Rubbermaid, $30.99 / $16.59



You don't need those foam or neoprene koozies to keep your can or bottle cold. Simply wrap a bandana around it to insulate the liquid and absorb any sweat. And when you're done, wipe your brow with the now-icy cloth. Refreshment times two.




Vintage Cool

Inspired by the metal coolers of the 1940s, this handsome all-steel ice chest (complete with a mounted bottle-opener) is finished with high gloss UV-resistant powder coat.

Crate & Barrel, $69.95


The Go-Anywhere Chill



This lightweight all-terrain cooler's rugged wheels and ergonomic tow handle make it easy to bring the goods. Plus, the UV inhibitors guard against premature thawing.

Igloo, $99.99


Pro Tip

Want some quality cocktail ice for a large group? Or just want to stockpile some for yourself? Saveur passed along this ingenious tip from renowned chef Daniel Boulud: Fill up some kids' water balloons and freeze. The balloon peels off and you've got perfectly formed ice spheres.