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Travel Smart

I've always been a bit directionally challenged, but thanks to my iPhone's trusty Google maps, I don't get lost in a new city as much as I used to. Though when service is spotty or I still can't find the right cross street, I employ a trick I picked up on one of my first solo vacations. When asking for directions, look for someone walking their dogs—chances are, they know the area well enough to help you get where you're going. Here are a couple of other helpful tips.

- Cory Ohlendorf

Pay less for an upgrade with a Y-Up economy class fare. You'll spend about the same as you would for a full-fare coach ticket, but be automatically upgraded to first class upon check-in ... Use the Y-Up tool on

- Mark Orwoll, international editor, Travel + Leisure

I never leave home without cash. Credit cards are fine, but no matter where you are, people are always happy to accept American dollars.

- Anderw Harper, luxury travel guru
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