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Personal Care

The Beginner's Guide to Beards

Maybe you're late to the game on the winter beard phenomenon. Or perhaps you're simply sick of shaving in the morning. In any case, you're ready to embrace your God-given right to grow some facial hair. But it's not as simple as tossing out your razor.



A few days beyond "stubble," this gives off a look of insouciant masculine ease, but it takes some maintenance. Combat the initial itchiness by moisturizing the area with your regular facial lotion or a beard oil. Once a week, trim using clippers (with a 2 guard) and clean up the neckline, making sure to taper edges for a more natural look.

Exhibit A: Clooney

In Between

If you're growing out a full beard, you'll have a slightly awkward phase that's more than scruff, but not quite a beard. Train the hair by combing it regularly. Also, you'll likely want to switch to a moisturizer like Bluebeards Original "Beard Saver," which conditions the hair and hydrates the skin underneath.

Exhibit B: Krasinski

Full Beard

You've made it. Now you want to make sure you're maintaining it with regular shampooing. Those with long faces can benefit from keeping the beard longer on the sides and trimming the chin a bit shorter. Make sure to comb before trimming to remove any tangles. Use a heavy duty set of clippers like Wahl Professional that handle the job.

Exhibit C: Hamm


Tool of the Trade

A handmade moustache and beard comb from Kent, which has been making their handsome combs since 1777. The finely polish teeth glide easily over cheek shrubbery.

$6, at Clubman


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