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Despite what Miller Light commercials will tell you, there are many men out there who simply can't fit everything they need into their pockets. Nor should you try. Whether you need space for your laptop, lunch or even an old-fashioned book or two, a good bag is increasingly going from accessory to necessity. It can be hard to determine which type fits your lifestyle, and there are so many on the market now, but fear not. We've rounded up your best options for fall in a wide range of prices and styles.

Carried Away

The Fall 2010 Bag Buying Guide
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We get it, you're all business. And nothing illustrates that better than a tough leather briefcase. Of course, a handy shoulder strap makes traveling from meeting to meeting easier. Canvas briefcases are also a classic, animal-friendly option and like their leather brethren, look better with age. Case in point: Filson's 256, which channels the outdoorsman in us all.


Orvis, $298


Special Promotion

Handmade in Canada from Italian leather, the structured Evergreen briefcase features a subtle woodgrain embossing. $495



As more people get around by bike, many find that a single strap bag can be inconvenient and cumbersome. Backpacks and rucksacks allow for an even weight distribution, reducing the strain on your back. The trick to pulling one off is to keep things muted. In school? You can't beat a classic, solid colored bag with minimal detailing. If you want to look a bit more grown-up, opt for something more outdoorsy with a flap-top pocket (which doubles as a hiking pack for weekend excursions).


Special Promotion

Durably constructed from basketweave nylon, the Caliper backpack's straps are lined in neoprene for comfort. $195



One of the most versatile options, messengers have proved great for urban-minded guys on the go. Usually equipped with interior and exterior pockets, their ideal for storing electronic gear, writing utensils, lip balm and other everyday essential you shouldn't leave home without. Plus, you have enough room on the inside for running small errands—like actually delivering something.


Gap, $40

Special Promotion

The Oceanist messenger, crafted from waxed canvas and trimmed in leather, has plenty of room for for daily carry along with compartments for computers and cords. $375



With luggage costs on airlines becoming commonplace, frequent travelers are demanding more from their carry-on luggage. Investing in a quality carryall allows you space for the necessities and some niceties, and they're also ideal for everyday errands. Totes make perfect companions for the beach as well as the grocery store-where taxes on plastic bags are becoming more ubiquitous.


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The Nominal bookbag's slouchy shape is relaxed, but the vegetable-tanned Italian bag fits up to a 15" laptop. $595

Don't look like a chump

Backpacks and rucksacks are certainly enjoying a comeback, but that doesn't mean you should sport them with a suit. Nor should you be slinging a messenger around your suit jacket. Not only does it look a tad juvenile, but it simply wrinkles the jacket. When you can, carry your bag like a man.







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