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  • Feit "Made to Order" event, March 17-20, 186 Orchard St., New York

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Tull Price knows his way around a good shoe. Founder of the cult shoe brand Feit, he's been crafting quality kicks for over a decade. "A good shoe starts with a great last," he says. "The cornerstone of Feit's collection is an initial set of lasts which I collaborated on with one of Italy's legendary last makers, 92-year-old Verdichio Padrone." It's on those lasts that Price builds each shoe design from scratch, rather than designing it on paper. And that's not the only thing the brand does differently. The business has been online only and made-to-order, to cut out the middle men and retail mark-ups. The shoes are hand-sewn, Goodyear welted and often crafted with Horween leathers and Vibram soles. The kind of details and qualities most appreciated in person. Which is why Feit's launching its first brick and mortar event, today in New York. "We'll be able to explain the techniques and materials we use," says Price, who'll be on hand to answer questions. "Customers can order styles that haven't been released yet and get measured to ensure a perfect fit."

Horween Chromexcel Chukka, $368

The brand is pronounced "fight."

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