I Want My Place to Smell Like a Campfire

Campfire Campfire

I Want My Place
to Smell Like
a Campfire

The best candles to bring
the outside in this fall

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you've got a candle burning in your place, it's safe to assume you've got your shit together. You're discerning—a man of taste, who prioritizes self-care and enjoys his bourbon in the warm, flickering glow of a scented candle's flame. This fall, I want a candle that's rich and woody. Imagine a stylish A-frame cabin, tucked under a canopy of towering pine trees with a crackling fire outside. Light up one of these smoky, evergreen scents and you're pretty much there. They're the subtle, sophisticated fragrances that set the mood and convey to visitors that this is the home of a man who takes care of himself. And makes your nights at home over the fall and winter holidays all the more magical.


Best Fall Scented Candles

Manready Mercantile Texas Campfire Candle

"Texas Campfire" candle,
$28 from Manready Mercantile

Apotheke Charcoal Candle

Charcoal candle,
$64 by Apotheke

Square Trade Goods Co. Campfire Candle

Natural woodsmoke is mixed with evergreens and finished with sweet amber

Campfire candle,
$22 / $15.40 by Square Trade Goods Co.

Fazeek Campfire Smoke Candle

Campfire smoke candle,
$68 by Fazeek

Parks Project Desert Campfire Candle

Desert campfire candle,
$34 by Parks Project

Shoppe 815 Campfire Candle

A richly layered scent reminiscent of burning leaves and timber

Campfire candle,
$32 by Shoppe 815

D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

Portable Fireplace candle,
$65 by D.S. & Durga

Byredo Apocalyptic Candle

Apocalyptic candle,
$85 by Byredo

Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle

An old school favorite that recreates the real aroma of a crackling fire

Feu de Bois candle,
$68 by Diptyque

First time candle burning instructions

Treat Your Candle Right

The first burn is important. You want to liquefy the entire top layer of wax so that your candle burns down evenly. This usually takes about an hour, at least.

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