The Coolest Style Finds From “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”

The Coolest Style Finds
“Comedians In Cars
Getting Coffee”

Don't miss the understated style inside the vintage cars

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee men's style inspiration

Jerry Seinfeld made his late-night standup debut on Carson's Tonight Show in 1981, ranting about pockets in pajamas, boxer shorts and emergency exits in a 5-minute set that would still work today. And as comedy fashion goes, his natty blazer and blue oxford choice was pretty timeless when you consider Eddie Murphy's jacket from "Delirious" a mere two years later.

Seinfeld's popular series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (which just unveiled its fifth season on Netflix) is a celebration of both automotive and personal style. It highlights his favorite current stand-ups and actors, sharing stories and their creative process over—you guessed it—copious cups of coffee. Of course, Seinfeld's current style is still fairly conservative, save for his trademark Nikes, so it's more fun to dive into what his guests are wearing to get a sense of their individuality when they're riding shotgun. Here are some of our favorite looks from the five seasons thus far and where to get your hands on something similar right now.


Hasan Minhaj on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Hasan Minhaj's Bomber

From Season 5, Episode 7

It's no surprise that Minhaj, who grew up idolizing Michael Jordan, is still a loyal sneakerhead. He even did a segment diving into the secondary Jordan market on The Daily Show back in 2016. But, our favorite piece from his episode (aside from that splashy sneaker-esque Ferrari Testarossa) was his sleek suede bomber jacket, layered over a simple striped sweater, finished with white sneakers, of course.

A.P.C. Calfskin Suede Jacket

Calfskin suede jacket,
$1,455 / $727.50 by A.P.C.

Ellen DeGeneres on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Ellen DeGeneres' Watch

From Season 5, Episode 3

If you're a typical Valet. reader, Ellen's watch is likely older than you are ... by decades. Her mint-condition 1969 Rolex Daytona recently sold for $175,000, but newer Daytona models won't cost as much as putting a child through an Ivy League college. Regardless, her Rolex is as iconic as the cars on the show and is easily our favorite timepiece from the series. Period.

Rolex Vintage Daytona Cosmograph Watch

Vintage Daytona Cosmograph,
$15,000 / $14,150 by Rolex


Fred Armisen on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Fred Armisen's Glasses

From Season 3, Episode 8

Armisen's thick-framed glasses have become such a staple that the last time you saw him without them was probably during an SNL sketch. In his Portland episode, he ditched the trademark black frame for a popular (and now sold-out) transparent Oliver Peoples pair. But you can score a similar style--their current offering, the Ryce, is a slightly smoke-hued clear frame.

Oliver Peoples Ryce Glasses

Ryce frames,
$340 by Oliver Peoples

Jimmy Fallon on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Jimmy Fallon's Tie

From Season 1, Episode 2

Late-night talk show hosts aren't given much style freedom from their networks, and dark suits and solid ties have long since been the norm. But, in the series' second episode, Fallon steps out from behind the desk and on to Jerry's seafoam green Boston Whaler in a striped knit tie that would elevate any informal office look.

The Tie Bar Hand Knit Silk Tie

Hand knit silk tie,
$25 by The Tie Bar


Trevor Noah on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Trevor Noah's Car Coat

From Season 1, Episode 7

Winter coats are few and far between in Johannesburg, but Noah looked like a cold-weather native in his episode with a simple dark navy topcoat. Lately, shorter length cuts have been gaining traction and the more modern look may even make you appear a bit taller come fall. We particularly like the lighter, layerable cotton style from Suitsupply.

Suitsupply Cotton Blend Car Coat

Cotton blend car coat,
$399 by Suitsupply

Christoph Waltz on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Christoph Waltz's Blazer

From Season 1, Episode 11

Waltz is soft-spoken, polite and, in some ways, mechanic. All of these qualities make it even funnier when he's sitting in an IHOP with Jerry Seinfeld in suburban Torrance, California. While other guests don maroon sweatpants in the episode, Waltz's unstructured gray blazer is more suited for a café from his home country of Austria and we're behind his leading man look.

Bonobos Unstructured Italian Knit Blazer

Unstructured Italian knit blazer,
$350 by Bonobos


Each episode takes, on average, three to four hours to film, and is then edited down to 12 to 20 minutes for the final cut.

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